Weatherproof outdoor 4K TV – SunBrite SB-V3-55-4KHDR-BL

In the world of outdoor TVs, SunBrite is a name synonymous with durability and exceptional performance. The SunBrite SB-V3-55-4KHDR-BL, part of the Veranda 3 Series, is a testament to this reputation. Engineered and designed in California, this outdoor TV combines high performance with intelligent features, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a top-notch outdoor viewing experience.

outdoor 4K TV - SunBrite SB-V3-55
Outdoor 4K TV – SunBrite SB-V3-55

Design and Durability: The SunBrite SB-V3-55-4KHDR-BL is not just a TV; it’s a robust, weatherproof entertainment solution designed for the great outdoors. The powder-coated rust-proof aluminum exterior not only exudes strength but also resists heat, cold, and moisture. With an impressive operating temperature range from -24°F to 104°F, this TV can withstand extreme conditions. The IP55 rating ensures resistance to dust and rain, making it a reliable choice for any outdoor setting. Its durability extends to the storage temperature as well, ranging from -24°F to 140°F. The large weather-tight connection bay adds to the convenience, providing ample space for media players, cables, and more. The Veranda series is exclusively available in black. The available sizes for the Veranda series are 43″, 55″, 65″, and 75″.

Picture and Image Quality: The 55″ 4K screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels delivers a sharp and vivid viewing experience. The ultra-bright 1000-nit screen, combined with a 120Hz refresh rate and full-array LED backlight with local dimming, ensures smooth and detailed visuals. Quantum dot technology adds a layer of brilliance, providing over a billion shades of rich color. The inclusion of High Dynamic Range (Dolby Vision® and HDR10) further enhances contrast and brightness when enjoying HDR-encoded content. The IMAX Enhanced certification attests to its superior performance with IMAX Enhanced 4K/HDR content. Video: Vimeo/SunBrite

Smart Features and Compatibility: The SB-V3-55-4KHDR-BL is not just about picture quality; it’s a smart outdoor TV with a suite of features for modern entertainment. The Android TV interface offers a customizable home screen, simplifying the navigation of TV shows and movies across various streaming services. Built-in Wi-Fi ensures fast and reliable wireless streaming, allowing you to indulge in your favorite content seamlessly. Bluetooth support enables wireless audio streaming, and with Chromecast built-in, you can effortlessly cast your favorite apps and video content from your phone or laptop.

Outdoor Entertainment Options: Designed specifically for outdoor entertainment in shaded areas like covered patios or screened gazebos, this TV is a game-changer. The anti-glare screen supports a wide 178° viewing angle, ensuring that everyone enjoys a clear view of the action. Whether it’s a family movie night or a gaming session with friends, the SB-V3-55-4KHDR-BL delivers an immersive experience.

Sound Quality: Beyond its impressive visuals, the SunBrite outdoor TV doesn’t compromise on sound. The built-in down-firing stereo speakers, each with 10 watts of power, provide a crisp and clear audio experience. With support for Dolby audio, including Dolby Digital and Dolby Atmos, the sound complements the stunning visuals, creating a truly cinematic outdoor experience.

Connections and Compatibility: The TV boasts a range of connectivity options to accommodate various devices. With 2 HDMI 2.1 inputs and 2 HDMI 2.0 inputs, all HDCP 2.2 compatible, connecting to copy-protected 4K video sources is a breeze. HDMI 3 supports enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC), and HDMI 3 and 4 support 4K @ 120Hz for a smooth gaming experience. Other connections include RF input for antenna/cable signals, Ethernet port for a secure wired network connection, A/V input for composite video and L/R audio, Toslink optical digital audio output, 3.5mm stereo minijack audio output, and a USB input for connecting external devices.

outdoor 4K TV - SunBrite SB-V3-55
4K TV – SunBrite SB-V3-55 – images: SunBrite


  • Exceptional durability with a powder-coated aluminum exterior.
  • Weatherproof design with an IP55 rating for resistance to dust and rain.
  • 4K picture quality with quantum dot technology and HDR support.
  • Smart features include Android TV interface, built-in Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  • Outdoor-friendly with an anti-glare screen and wide viewing angle.
  • Dolby audio support for immersive sound.
  • Comprehensive connectivity options for various devices.


  • Relatively higher price point at $2,298.95.

Price and Quality: With a price tag of $2,298.95, the SunBrite SB-V3-55-4KHDR-BL positions itself as a premium outdoor TV. However, the investment is justified by its exceptional durability, 4K picture quality, smart features, and outdoor-friendly design. When it comes to quality and performance, SunBrite’s commitment to excellence shines through.

The SunBrite SB-V3-55-4KHDR-BL is a weatherproof outdoor TV that raises the bar for outdoor entertainment. Its combination of durability, picture quality, smart features, and thoughtful design makes it a standout choice for those who want to take their outdoor viewing experience to the next level. Whether you’re hosting a movie night under the stars or enjoying a game with friends, this TV ensures that your outdoor entertainment is as vibrant and immersive as your indoor experience.

55-inch: A popular mid-size option that strikes a balance between screen real estate and versatility. Ideal for various outdoor setups, the 55-inch SunBrite SB-V3-55-4KHDR-BL provides a compelling outdoor viewing experience.

Weatherproof, SunBriteTV 55"
Weatherproof  outdoor SunBrite TV 55″

Regardless of the size you choose, each Veranda series TV maintains the high standards of durability, weatherproof design, and impressive 4K picture quality that SunBrite is renowned for. The black color option ensures a sleek and timeless aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into various outdoor settings.

So, whether you envision cozy family movie nights on the patio or thrilling sports events with friends in the backyard, the Veranda series has a size to match your outdoor entertainment aspirations. With SunBrite’s commitment to quality and outdoor performance, you can trust that your chosen Veranda TV will deliver a top-notch viewing experience, rain or shine.

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