What a DO file is, how to open it and convert?

A DO file can refer to different things depending on the context. Here are a few possible meanings:

  • Stata DO File: In the context of Stata, a statistical software package, a DO file is a text file containing Stata commands. These files typically have a .do extension and are used to automate the execution of a series of commands in Stata.
  • Batch File in DOS/Windows: In the context of DOS (Disk Operating System) or Windows command prompt, a batch file is a script file with a .bat extension that contains a sequence of commands that are executed by the command-line interpreter.

    What is a DO file
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  • Fractint Formula File: Fractint is a popular fractal-generating software. In this context, a DO file could refer to a file that contains a set of formulas or instructions for generating fractal images.
  • Generic Term for Script or Macro: In a more general sense, “DO file” might be used as a generic term for a file containing a set of instructions or commands to be executed by a specific program or system.

Without additional context, it’s challenging to pinpoint the exact meaning of “DO file.” If you have a specific context in mind, providing more details could help in giving a more accurate explanation.

How to Open and Convert DO Files

Opening DO Files

  • Java Servlet Files:
    • For Java servlet files, utilize Apache Tomcat or possibly Apache Struts for access.
  • Stata Batch Analysis Files:
    • These files are exclusive to Stata. Execute them in Stata by typing “do” followed by the file name in the Stata command window (e.g., do myfile).
    • The Stata Do-File Editor is included for reading and editing commands. Alternatively, use any web browser for viewing commands and a text editor for viewing and editing files.
    • Execute files using the Stata editor by selecting “Execute do file.”
    • Tip: Refer to the Stata website for additional guidance on do files.
  • ModelSim DO Files:
    • Employ Mentor Graphics ModelSim, part of the Libero SoC suite, to open these plain text files. Any text editor can be used for viewing and editing.
  • Disk Images Apple II:
    • Compatible with CiderPress.
  • Document-like Files (e.g., bank statements):
    • If uncertain, rename the file to end with “.PDF” and attempt opening it with a PDF reader.

Converting DO Files

  • Java Servlet Files:
    • Convert through Apache programs by opening the file and exploring the “Save as” or “Export” menu.
  • Stata Batch Analysis Files:
    • Convert to other text-based formats like TXT. Specify the file extension when running commands in Stata after conversion (e.g., do myfile.txt).
  • ModelSim DO Files:
    • Use the Libero SoC menu to convert files or manually convert the macro’s text using a text editor.
  • Disk Image DO Files:
    • Use CiderPress to convert to formats like PO, SDK, and 2MG.
  • Incorrect File Extension (.DO instead of .PDF):
    • If mislabeled, simply rename from “.DO” to “.PDF” for proper recognition by PDF readers.


  • Unrecognized File Extension:
    • Confirm the file extension is “.DO” and not similar extensions like OD, DOCX, DOC, DOP, DM, etc.
    • Research the specific file extension for guidance on how to open or convert the file.

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