What exactly does Filmmaker Mode mean?

Filmmaker Mode is a feature on some newer television sets that displays content in a way that’s intended to preserve the filmmaker’s original vision and intention. This means that when a movie or TV show is played in Filmmaker Mode, the TV will automatically adjust its settings to reduce image processing, such as motion smoothing, and display the content in a way that’s closest to how it was intended to be viewed. This can help reduce the “soap opera effect” and provide a more cinematic experience.

Whether it’s good to watch TV in Filmmaker Mode depends on personal preference. Filmmaker Mode aims to display content in a way that’s closest to the filmmaker’s original vision and intention, reducing image processing that can alter the look of the content. This can provide a more cinematic viewing experience for those who prefer to see movies and TV shows in their original form. However, some people may prefer the enhanced picture quality that results from image processing and find Filmmaker Mode less appealing. Ultimately, the choice to use Filmmaker Mode or not is up to the individual viewer.

LG QNED QNED81 – TV with Filmmaker Mode feature 

Who created Filmmaker Mode?

Filmmaker Mode was created by the UHD Alliance, an industry group consisting of leading technology companies and Hollywood studios. The UHD Alliance was established in 2016 with the goal of promoting high-quality video experiences and the use of industry standards. Filmmaker Mode is one of the features introduced by the alliance to help ensure that movies and TV shows are displayed in a way that’s faithful to the filmmaker’s original vision and intention.
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