What’s the best book scanning service?

You can use Adobe Scan-Scan anything in an instant.

Easily capture shapes, images, and notes. Go beyond the documents to scan receipts, business cards, even slate discussions. Adobe Scan automatically captures and cleans the image.

Get the text that you can work with.

Your scans are not only perfect for the image. With built-in optical character recognition (OCR), they are also easy to search, highlight and comment. Because Adobe Scan recognizes text when it transforms each scan into a high-quality and versatile adobe PDF file.

Now, your documents have the Power PDF.

Once your documents become Smart PDF’s available in Adobe Document Cloud, they are easy to find and share from anywhere. You can easy find keywords, add comments, sign or send for review because Adobe Scan works perfectly with Adobe Acrobat.


What an incredible application. It is so easy to use, with the beautiful quality of the image conversion on the digitized copy in black and white. We can also this set of images in a PDF file.

I am an engineering student in Portugal and as our mantra is to study a day before the exams, this tool helps us to study comfortably even if we do not have books (because many times people borrow and do not return promptly or in some Cases we don’t even have books.

So this application we need a lot because it is easy to use, convenient, fast and gives the best output.


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