Win 7, 10 – How to Reset Computer to Factory Settings?

After the computer has been used for a period of time, it is inevitable to be slow or virus attacks. Due to several issues, you plan to restore your computer to factory settings. So, how does the Windows computer reset to factory settings? Please follow the steps below.

Reset Windows 7 to factory settings

Solution 1
1. After turning off the computer, turn it on or click directly on the restart, and then press the “Delete” button. The computer will automatically enter the BIOS.
2. Two options are displayed on the computer screen (usually to the right of the screen): one option is “Load fail-safe defaults” (the default system stability parameter); Another option is “Load optimized defaults” (the best parameter for the system default).
3. Select the “Load optimized defaults” option with the arrow keys and click “Enter” to confirm. Then the system will show a trace. Click the Y button and return to “Enter” to confirm. Finally, don’t forget to save the above settings: select “Save & exit step” or press F10.

Solution 2
If your computer has a “ghost” feature, it’s easier. Point to the ghost after starting, and then follow the instructions. (note that the installed software will disappear after the ghost and the file on the desktop will be deleted)

Solution 3
In addition, you can reset your factory settings with a variety of one-button recovery software.

Reset Windows 10 to factory settings

1.In first, click the “Window” button at the bottom left and a menu interface appears. Select the button at the bottom left of the interface and click “Enter” with your mouse. Photo:Pixabaywin 102.After entering, the Settings menu appears and the last item on the menu will be “Update and Security”. Select the “Recovery” button.
3.At this point, the first element on the screen is to restore the computer, which is to reset the factory settings. Click the “Start” button. A pop-up box appears, with two options. The first to store your personal data and the second to delete all data. If you want a new system, simply choose the second one.
5.After clicking, we choose to restore the system. Be careful not to format other discs. If you are worried about losing your data, back up your system to other hard drives.

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