Yamaha and Elgato Unveil Powerful Collaboration

The ZG01 Game Streaming Audio Mixer is now compatible with STREAM DECK, and the accompanying plugin is offered for free download

Yamaha Corporation and Elgato, a prominent audiovisual technology provider for content creators, have joined forces to enhance their range of products and services. The collaboration between Yamaha’s Creator & Consumer Audio Division and Elgato aims to develop a software plugin that integrates Yamaha’s audio interfaces, mixers, and other products with Elgato’s Stream Deck controllers. This partnership will fortify the offerings of products and services, catering to creators in diverse fields such as music, video production, and live streaming.

The latest development includes the compatibility of the ZG01 Game Streaming Audio Mixer with the STREAM DECK. Users can now conveniently manage the rich audio features and DSP effect functions of the ZG01 in real-time using the keys and dials on the STREAM DECK+. Previously, these functions required the use of the dedicated “ZG Controller” app. The collaboration allows users to freely customize STREAM DECK settings and download the ZG01 plugin for free from Elgato’s website, expanding the functionality of the Yamaha Game Streaming Audio Mixer.

STREAM DECK+ (left) and ZG01 (right) – photo source

Julian Fest, SVP and GM of Elgato, expressed excitement about Yamaha joining the Stream Deck ecosystem, emphasizing the power of the ZG01’s controls and the seamless integration with Stream Deck. The customizable parameters and direct access to functions enhance the overall user experience, offering a range of possibilities such as adjusting volume balance, changing voice effects, switching scenes in OBS, and engaging with chat messages – all with a single tap on the Stream Deck.

Yoshiyuki Tsugawa, Senior General Manager at Yamaha Creator & Consumer Audio Division, conveyed pride in the collaboration with Elgato, acknowledging their exceptional solutions in streaming and content creation. The partnership aims to deliver an enhanced user experience, starting with the ZG01 plugin for the STREAM DECK series, benefiting streamers and creators alike.

For those interested, the ZG01 plugin for Yamaha Game Streaming Audio Mixer is available for free download on Elgato’s website: Elgato’s website.

Elgato, founded in 1999 and acquired by Corsair Gaming, Inc., in 2018, is globally recognized for providing cutting-edge audiovisual technology tailored for content creators across various video-sharing platforms. Their commitment to quality, performance, and continuous innovation has positioned Elgato as a leader in the industry, with products distributed in over seventy-five countries worldwide.


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