Yamaha MusicCast VINYL 500 Network Turntable

The MusicCast Vinyl 500 wireless turntable is a part of Yamaha’s absolutely incredible network audio system. You may use your smartphone or tablet to manage all of your compatible Yamaha MusicCast equipment using MusicCast. You can choose to play the same song via all the components or split the sound into various zones for various moods in each area. You can easily and rapidly control the speaker with the MusicCast CONTROLLER app. Part of Yamaha’s MusicCast product family, the Yamaha MusicCast VINYL 500 can stream the vinyl it’s spinning wirelessly to any MusicCast speakers in the house over wi-fi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands).

At first look, Yamaha MusicCast VINYL 500 appears to be a very basic budget turntable made entirely of mechanical components with a manual microlift. Thanks to the black lacquer finish, it appears elegant, stylish, and even exquisite. Simple downforce setup with counterweight, anti-skating spring, and straight arm with detachable shell. All that is known about it is that it is an unidentified MM head from Audio-Technica with a suggested pressure of 3.5g. There is just no precise information available, although the needle most likely has a conical sharpness. Belt-driven by a DC motor, lightweight aluminum platter with felt surface. Speed regulation through electronic means without the need for manual adjustment.Yamaha MusicCast VINYL 500

Wireless connection
Connecting this turntable to a MusicCast speaker system is simple and wireless if you already have one. The turntable can be placed apart from the other components and still play vinyl music throughout the full MusicCast speaker system thanks to wireless networking.
Setting the Yamaha MusicCast Vinyl 500 wireless turntable to play your streaming music is simple. All of the major services are supported, including Spotify Premium, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Pandora, and Napster. You only need to connect with your tablet or smartphone to get started.
You may wirelessly stream music from your Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, or any compatible Apple device thanks to built-in Apple AirPlay. You can stream music from your portable device with ease using Bluetooth if you have a different brand of smartphone or tablet.Yamaha MusicCast VINYL 500Additionally, there is an Ethernet port for a wired connection to a Wi-Fi router, so output isn’t just limited to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The VINYL 500 has an integrated preamplifier. It includes RCA jacks for both line and stereo output. So you may connect the turntable to the AUX input of a small audio system or wireless speaker if you want a more conventional wired connection. Additionally, you have the choice of going completely retro by connecting to the PHONO input on the receiver or amplifier of a component stereo. This is a turntable that is incredibly flexible in terms of connectivity.

The Yamaha MusicCast Vinyl 500 wireless turntable is a top-notch music streamer, but at its core, it is a vinyl player. The best quality materials are used in the construction of this Yamaha, including a strong plinth, belt drive mechanism, and excellent aluminum die-cast platter. These requirements are what give the Yamaha a reliable and well-balanced sound.Yamaha MusicCast VINYL 500

Excellent tonearm and cartridge
The straight tonearm employed by the Vinyl 500 turntable delivers greater tracking ability and is adaptable to a broad variety of cartridges. The bundle comes with a high-quality Audio Technica MM (Moving Magnet) cartridge to help you get going quickly. Photo: Yamaha

Yamaha MusicCast VINYL 500 Turntable specs:

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