Zoom app error code 104103 – how to fix these problem

Zoom Error Code 104103 will happen when the Zoom app has problems connecting to the Zoom servers. The problem is cross-platform, it implies that it has came across all types of devices, like as PERSONAL COMPUTER, mobile phone, and so on. It is correlated to Proxy, timeout blocking both TCP and SSL.
Here are some solutions to fix these problems with the step-by-step instruction.

Check out your Internet connection
First of all, you will need to check your internet connection, if there is any kind of internet connection trouble, please resolve it first.
Also, you can restart your router for better speed results.

Zoom application
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Update the Zoom application
Often an outdated version of the app is responsible for numerous problems in the application. So, make absolutely sure you are using the newest version of the Zoom application.
If you are using an outdated version of Zoom you can update it.

Clear Application Data
You should also clear the application data and enable all permissions, right after doing both, reboot and log in again.
See that the problems have been fixed or not.

Set up Network Firewall
In accordance to Zoom officials, error 104103 is related to blocking Firewall, Proxy, TCP and SSL timeout. For that reason, you must set up your Firewall.

Turn off Antivirus
If you are using any sort of antivirus, proxy or VPN program, make sure you turn off it and try to connect again.

Simply wait a while
In some cases these kinds of connection issues are short-term and will fix themselves quickly after a while.
Therefore, you will have to wait some time.

Contact Support & Forums
If the error remains, you need to contact Zoom official support, they will definitely help you get rid of your problem.
In addition, you can also look at several forums for more info on this topic.

This error code 104103, means the problem with firewall and proxy. You should go to net options > > network > > lan setting > > auto-detect proxy. This may help in fixing the problem. For some others error codes similar to zoom, you can visit forums related to Error codes and messages for meetings and online seminars .
Ideally, this info will help you fix your issue.


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