A Guide to Watching Movies on PS5 with Sony Pictures Core

For those who crave more than just gaming on the powerful PlayStation 5 console, the option to rent, buy, or stream an impressive collection of 2,000 movies awaits through Sony Pictures Core. Discover the key steps to unleash this entertainment powerhouse and gain access to up to 100 free movies.

Unveiling Sony Pictures Core

Formerly recognized as Bravia Core, Sony Pictures Core stands as a premier movie streaming service tailored for PS4 and PS5 consoles. With an extensive library housing 2,000 Sony Pictures movies, the platform delivers exclusive perks, including early access to select titles, behind-the-scenes content, director commentaries, and enticing deals.

PS5 - Sony Pictures Core
PS5 – image: Sony

Moreover, Sony Pictures Core extends additional offerings such as time-limited discounts on seven movies for seven days and exclusive content from Crunchyroll. Keep an eye on the PlayStation website or Sony Pictures Core homepage to seize these fleeting opportunities.

Membership Tiers and Benefits

While a PS Plus membership isn’t mandatory for renting or buying movies on Sony Pictures Core, opting for the Premium or Deluxe tier unlocks exclusive advantages. Dive into the highest echelons of PS Plus, and you can revel in a rotating catalog of up to 100 free movies on Sony Pictures Core.

For the average movie enthusiast, choosing between PS Plus Extra, Essential, and Premium/Deluxe tiers becomes more straightforward, considering the added benefits that come with these top-tier memberships.

Navigating Sony Pictures Core on PS5

Accessing Sony Pictures Core on your PS5 is a breeze. Head to the Media tab, press R on the gamepad, and select the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner. Search for Sony Pictures Core, click download, and you’re ready to embark on a cinematic journey.

However, before diving into the movie magic, ensure your HDCP settings are enabled on your PlayStation. High-Bandwidth Digital Copyright/Content Protection prevents streaming or recording content without proper authorization. Adjusting this setting is a cinch – simply select Go to HDMI when prompted, and PlayStation will guide you to the necessary changes.

Creating a Sony Pictures Core account is the next step. After launching the application, click “Get Started,” and follow the prompts to set up your account. Link your PS Plus account for premium benefits, agree to the terms and conditions, and voila – you’re ready to explore an expansive catalog of epic movies.

Navigate through various categories, explore Studio Access for bonus content, and locate the ‘Included with PlayStation Plus’ section to find your 100 free movies. Once you’ve found a movie that captivates you, choose to rent or buy and easily access your collection in the Library.

Transform your PS5 into a multifaceted entertainment hub, seamlessly transitioning between gaming and cinematic experiences with Sony Pictures Core. Elevate your entertainment options and make the most out of your high-performance console.

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