BenQ MX842UST short-throw projector for perfect edu presentations

BenQ MX842USTPerfect short-throw projector,with a high level of portability,fantastic OSD and much more…Popularity of presentational projectors is growing from year to year, and in addition to traditional solutions in the market is increasingly possible to find the so-called short-throw projector for presentation, whose biggest advantage is that we can project high-resolution images from a short distance. They are hiding many secrets that make them different and easier to use, especially stand out in that they are lightweight and easy to assemble.benq-mx842ust-1__1

BenQ applies to their biggest producers and features of their solutions is far ahead of the rest. From the current offer BenQ especially recommended model MX842UST that can offer the perfect image display with a very, very small distance at a contrast of 13 000: 1 and brightness of 3,000 ANSI lumens. Also, this projector does a great job with dynamic graphics and multimedia with the last generation, although it is not its primary purpose.

BenQ MX842UST short-throw projector is definitely one of the most beautiful on the market and what is particularly interesting is among the smallest energy consumer in its class. For example, in relation to similar solutions saves up to 50% energy, and more if they are finely optimizes its eco mode, which not only saves energy but also extends the life of the lamp. Visually is far more beautiful than any other projector of this type, and is made of quality materials as observer in the eye gives the impression of a powerful device.His heart constitutes DLP projection system in combination with a native resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels brings a host of advanced features to work. The contrast is set to the fantastic 13,000: 1, and viewing angles are nearly perfect. From the advanced function has the ability to optimize display detailed images (depth and color intensity), as well as a number of technological solutions for a brighter and sharper image.benq-mx842ust-2__1

Image quality that offers MX842UST short-throw projector is more than representative. All colors are faithfully reproduced while the maximum detail is above average for this category of products. These are not mere words but facts that showed all the world’s leading color tests, including the Altona demanding tests. Therefore BenQ MX842UST short-throw projector, in addition of designing presentations and educational content can be used for projecting video materials of various types, including HD video, and advanced multimedia type. Manufacturer in the foreground emphasizes that this monitor supports advanced 3D features that will probably be the key factor for a superb edu presentation.
A very important thing about this projector (in addition to superior image quality) is hidden in its OSD. The manufacturer has invested a lot of energy to do the same things easier and easier to use – presenter can now more power to invest in the development of a detailed presentation ie. the story of the same while the the technical part is fully capable of letting the MX842UST short-throw projector. Complimentary manufacturers move is that the projector quickly after the end of a presentation turns off automatically, but also in the fact that it automatically adapts to the environment in which it is located (light, sharpness of colors, movements presenters …). For the end remains to say that the BenQ MX842UST short-throw projector for only twenty minutes mounted on any wall and that can function without a work table, ie image is projected on a wall.benq-mx842ust-3__1

Realistically speaking this is a projector that for little money offered as a great picture, and a lot of functions that raise serious user experience to a much higher level. Easy to install and easy to maintain. His strengths are well balanced OSD, as well as a high level of portability.This is great projector!