Companies Orange and Ericsson have signed a partnership for 5G technology

Companies Orange and Ericsson will work on the development of application cases 5G technology, including compliance with current technologies and applications in a wide range of industries outside of telecommunications. This partnership will allow the creation of elements and 5G launch pilot projects across Europe, among which will include:

-Wi-Fi high capacity in suburban and rural areas
Internet of Things which supports the digital transformation of industry and society
-solutions for ultra-great mobile coverage
-connected cars.5g-network__

This cooperation also includes solutions for switching from 4G to 5G network, as well as solutions for energy efficiency and pricing, and the use of SDN (Software Defined Network) and NFC (Network Function Virtualization) technology.

The aim of this cooperation is to prepare the environment for commercial applications 5G in 2020. Through the application of solutions from Ericsson, creates a network that can support a wide range of services that enable high-speed data anywhere and specialized services for cities and industry.

Arun Bansal, Managing Director Business Unit Network Products at Ericsson, said: “The Internet of Things requires improved network capacity. 5G technology will not be built only for consumers who need a smooth experience of using the phone and connected devices, but also for the digitization of the entire industry and society. We joined our skills with the company Orange in order to these ideas streamed into reality“.


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