Computer restart randomly – solutions

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1) recover lost files after computer restart randomly

Once the computer randomly restarts Windows 10, all saved files are lost forever. There is no chance that you will ever get them back. If you want to try to find lost files, look in the search bar of the File Explorer and press Enter.

If you can’t find any files, all you have is an option to download Stellar data recovery software for files lost after restarting your computer. Stellar is a DIY Windows data recovery software that can help you find lost files easily. It is efficient and reliable in case of data recovery.

Computer restart randomly
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Stellar recovers data from any type of hard drive or any external device used for storage. It analyzes the data, saves it, recovers it from any 4K hard drive and automatically sorts the files.

To recover files, follow the steps below:

Find the type of data or files that you want to restore. Select “next”.

Choose the location or any drive folder where you want and select the “Scan” option.

Then choose the files you want to recover, and then press the “recover” option.

2) replace the faulty power supply

One factor causing the problem is a faulty power supply that does not provide the right amount of power. The least amount of power supply can be one of the reasons to restart your computer randomly at any time. Try to replace the power supply with a new one.

Turn off and disconnect the computer.

Unscrew the side of the computer or laptop and try to remove the plug cord from the power port.

Remove the power supply and cables from the motherboard.

Look for dust and air blocking paths that increase the chances of the computer overheating.

Clean the space and connect the power cord cables to allow the computer to connect.

If you experience the same problem again, change the power cord.

3) reinstall graphics card drivers

Press the Windows key and press R.

In the search box, type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.

Find the “video cards” option and double-click on it.

Uninstall the graphics card by right-clicking on it.

After uninstalling the graphics card, restart the system. Windows will install the latest drivers compatible with your version.

4) Disable the auto restore function

The auto restart function is active when the user is on the PC. At the moment when you save something for download, the computer is forcibly restarted if new updates have been downloaded. This is a problem and most of the time the data is lost without any error messages during an automatic restart.

So, to solve this problem, there is an option to disable the auto-restore function.

To continue with this solution, follow these steps:

Open the Run window by pressing the Windows and R keys.

Type sysdm.cpl and click the OK button.

The System Properties dialog box appears. Select the Advanced tab in the dialog box.

In the Start and Restore section, click the Settings button.

In the System Error section, uncheck the auto restart option and press OK.

Users can work regularly and check if the same problem persists again. If such a problem occurs, you can try contacting our experts via their phone or chat. They will help you solve the problem.

The computer randomly restarts Windows 10

If the system reboots automatically, then, you have the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) option. This is usually due to problems with the graphics card, driver software, computer overheating or any hardware problems, viruses and malware are also included.

To try to reduce these problems, try disabling the auto-restore option. This will not allow the PC or computer to randomly restart Windows 10. You can also update or reinstall the graphics card drivers.

The computer randomly restarts Windows 7

Windows 7 is the outdated version nowadays. It is recommended to upgrade to Windows 10. If you have an older computer that supports Windows 7 and not the updated version, this may cause your device to have a problem. Suppose the computer randomly restarts Windows 7 without any errors.

What to do? We will try to find out the cause

This may be due to third-party software or drivers installed on the system. To solve this problem, check if you can update the software drivers. Try restarting the computer in safe mode. Press the F8 key before the Windows logo appears.

If it appears, wait a few more minutes to turn it off and restart it again. This will check if your computer has one or more operating systems. Also check for hardware issues when your PC keeps restarting, which may be part of the problem you are facing.

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