Curved Ultrawide Viotek GNV34BDE gaming monitor-QHD 1440p, 144 Hz…

A hot and always current theme in the world of enthusiastic hardware is how to build the best PC for gaming. YouTube channels like to tell you how to build a cheap gaming PC and while I find it’s nothing but clickbait the truth is that a good part of the market is trying to stretch your budgets. In the past I would have called this the “update cycle” that balanced on the premise that the hardware you buy can now be used in the future and updated slowly when needed.

In this review, we will see the Viotek GNV34BDE Curved Gaming Monitor. The monitor is one of the few items in your game battle station that doesn’t get much love. It is one of those items that once purchased one tends to remain long-term. It is also often overlooked when planning builds. Monitors have typically been one of the most expensive items to acquire from most major players to purchase inadequate panels just to finish their builds and therefore have to deal with poor system performance.Viotek GNV34BDE Curved Gaming MonitorLike the mouse and keyboard, the monitor is the main window of what your PC is doing. You might have a top of the processor line, the latest video card, and a monstrous motherboard just to have your gaming dive interrupted by a 60-hz 22-inch budget monitor that you can’t afford to replace.
The viewing angles of the GNV34BDE are typical of VA panels, i.e. they are fair. You can see some light falling on the sides, about 60%. The switch to green and red was also quite obvious. The view from above was very similar with a visible reduction in detail. The Viotek is definitely a monitor for unies people.
Although you might consider me a bit snobbish when it comes to monitoring my goal selection is not to get the best in-game performance, but rather the best solution for the work I do regularly. Of course, games are a small part of it, but I tend to focus on things like resolution, adjustment capacity, and color representation by letting almost everything else be a secondary “nice to have.” The Viotek GNV34BDE touches on most of these concerns and surprises me with a few others.

BINGE, BATTLE OR BUSINESS – Our VA panel offers bright and detailed graphics with balanced chrome output. Whether it’s playing games, watching movies or working from home, you can expect beautiful realistic images and cinematic quality videos.
FREE FLICKERING VIDEO – Videoconferencing is never so good! QHD monitor resolution provides optimal pixel performance. A great add-on with a super fast monitor refresh rate at 144 Hz for smooth videos with zero deleted frames.
IMPROVE YOUR PLAYSTYLE – A monitor won’t make you a game pro. But it will help you refine your game and remove technical obstacles so you can play better and better. AMD FreeSync for smooth gameplay; GAMEPLUS viewfinder for direct shots, every shot.
YOUR EPICENTER OF PERSONAL GAMING – This 1440p monitor can be your command station, able to connect to a wide variety of devices using DisplayPort or three HDMI monitor ports. Use 3.5mm audio to set up the perfect home theater.
BETTER CLASS SUPPORT – We don’t play with dead pixels, nor you! Viotek’s new gaming PC monitors are protected by our zero-tolerance dead pixel policy and 3-year limited warranty, fully approved by an American company.
When you buy a PC monitor, you can ignore the price and choose the main artist, buy a basement product and expect it to fit the bill, or do what most of us do: dig around the screen with the best value for money. It’s about finding the spot where a monitor offers most of the same things as the best in its class, but at an affordable price. The Viotek GNV34BDE certainly qualifies as one of the best ultra-wide that we have reviewed and sold by less than its competitors. Viotek GNV34BDE Curved Gaming MonitorNow that 21:9 monitors are one thing, gamers are looking for a good deal in a relatively expensive category. Not so long ago an ultra 34-inch wide would cost about $1,000 and perhaps provide 100 Hz and FreeSync. Prices have dropped where you can get 120 Hz, WQHD resolution and Adaptive-Sync for about $600. Viotek has increased the value bar by offering 144 Hz, Adaptive-Sync, HDR and extended colors by just $400 in this moment.

Using a high-quality VA panel, curved Viotek GNV34BDE gaming monitor offers some of the best native contrasts we’ve seen and produces a much better HDR image than you’d expect at this price. This is paired with over 81% DCI-P3 coverage and you have a winning monitor here.

One of our only complaints is that the bracket fastening point makes the assembly a bit shaky, and there are no adjustments except tilt. Photo:Viotek

But it’s hard to find fault with a monitor that offers such excellent gaming performance at this price. The combination of 144Hz and WQHD resolution means that you will see high frame rates without the need for an expensive graphics card. Motion blur was kept at bay with effective overshooter and input response and delay were as low as some of the best game monitors we reviewed. If you’ve discarded the price of ultra-wide monitors in the past, the Viotek GNV34BDE could be the panel that pulls the trigger.Viotek GNV34BDE

Viotek GNV34BDE Specifications:

Colors: Black
Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
Resolution: QHD 1440p
Screen Size: 34″
Panel Type: VA Panel
Height Adjustable: No
Tilt Angle: -5° – 15°
Dimensions: 28.05*19.9*8.91in
Weight: 15.58 lbs
Speakers: No
Exterior LEDs: Yes, Red
VESA Mountable: Yes, 75x75mm
Kensington Lock: No
Cable Management: No
Voltage: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz,1.5A
Power Consumption (Typical): 46W
Power Consumption Max: 70W
Screen Size (Diagonal): 32″
Monitor Type: Curved
Curvature Radius: 1500R
Glare Protection: Yes
Display Type: VA
Widescreen: Yes
NTSC: 85%
Viewing Angle: H178°/V178°
Dot/Pixel Pitch: 0.0908 x 0.2724 mm
Display Colors: 16.7M colors
Brightness: 350cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 3000:1
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 1000000:1
Gameplus: Yes
FreeSync: Yes
HDR: Yes
Audio In: No
Audio Out: Yes
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen

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