DIGITAL TV TUNER ClearStream TV – Pause, Rewind and Watch Live TV

ClearStream TV is a digital TV SET tuner with a style: It tunes in over-the-air television broadcasts,with the help of an antenna, but instead of transmitting the programming straight to your TV, it streams the video signal through your Wi-Fi network. Install the ClearStream TV companion application on your favorite streaming gadget, mobile phone, or tablet, and you can sit back and watch, pause, and rewind live TV.ClearStream TV looks just like an big USB stick. It houses an ATSC TV tuner for North American over-the-air broadcasts, and also an 802.11n Wi-Fi adapter. The tuner doesn’t support the QAM standard (encrypted or unencrypted) that the cable-TV sector uses, so you will require to provide a digital TV antenna to take in your local broadcasters signals.

The ClearStream TV’s output can be utilized solely on your home network, and you’ll need an application to watch it. ClearStream TV maker Antennas Direct has a totally free one accessible for products running Android 4.2 and above, iOS 8.4 and up, tvOS 10.2 and above, and Roku 7.5 and higher.

At first use, you should connect your client unit to the tuner itself over Wi-Fi and use the application to link it to your home Wi-Fi network. When that’s completed, you can reconnect through your Wi-Fi network and set it to scan for programs.To watch TV, you simply click on the Live TV menu button and a couple of seconds later the channel shows up. Both applications show live TV above a program indexing, but the iOS app enables you to scroll via the guideline for all channels. On Android, you only get to see what’s on the channel you are watching.
We definitely like the concept of the ClearStream TV. It’s an quick technique to get an over-the-air TV channel to any screen in your home without managing cables and wires. It may additionally help to wean cord cutters off their cable company’s live streaming application simply by placing TV on a tablet or mobile phone.

It really does its primary job effectively, but We found the frequent rebooting of the Chromecast stream and the failure to adequately channel surf to be an irritation.
If you are a far more casual viewer and you don’t about DVR-but you do want to watch TV on various units in your home-the ClearStream TV might be perfect for you.



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