Easy Fix Audio Delay in VLC player

Most of the time, VLC ought to be able to perform VLC audio sync automatically. You should be aware that the audio is out of sync when the genuine problem manifests itself, such as when you hear the sound before a movie scene moves. This widespread problem is comparable to the VLC subtitle delay issue. However, VLC itself may be an useful tool for addressing audio latency. With VLC Media Player, there are 2 major ways to resynchronize audio and video. The first method involves using keyboard shortcuts, but the alternate method explains step-by-step how to sync audio in VLC via the menu.

Test the playback.
Check the replay to see if there are any sync problems between the audio and the visual.
For Windows users versus Mac users, separate hotkey designs are used.
Keep in mind the “J” and “K” keys if you are using VLC on a Windows PC. You can speed things up by pressing the “J” key on the keyboard after you’re certain the audio is running behind the video. Instead, press “K” to delay the audio playback.
The default keys for adjusting VLC audio delay on a Mac are “F” and “G.” When the sound is delayed, press the “F” key. To reverse the audio, press “G” on your keyboard.VLC Media PlayerPress the shortcut keys repeatedly until the music and the visual are in sync.
The soundtrack will advance or recede by 50 milliseconds each time you hit a key. Therefore, the upper right corner of the interface will confirm and show the full augmentation of each adjustment. However, the confirmation that just appeared will shortly vanish.

The way for accessing to menu settings:

During playback, select “Tools” from the menu and then “Effect and Filters.” Alternatively, you can open the panel by pressing “Ctrl + E” on your keyboard.
Select the “Synchronization” tab from the three labels at the top. There are two sections, one for “Audio/Video” and the other for “Subtitles/Video.” There is a setting for “audio track synchronization” under the “Audio/Video” box. Enter the numerical figure to achieve the desired result in order to correct VLC’s desynchronized audio and video. Download free VLC media player HERE


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