Excellent gaming keyboard- Review Corsair K70 RAPIDFIRE

The construction quality of the Corsair K70 RAPIDFIRE keyboard is good and almost identical to the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2. The frame is mainly made of plastic with an aluminum plate on top to provide stiffness. The aluminum plate looks and feels premium, there is very little bending, but the edges are sharp and can potentially cause injury. With the exception of the slightly wobbly spacebar, the keys are stable and the volume wheel feels high quality. ABS keys are decent; however, they collect oil and stain quite easily. The wrist rest is also made of plastic with a soft rubber material on top.Corsair K70 RAPIDFIRE

Overall, the Corsair K70 is a great keyboard. It is well built, has good ergonomics and provides a great writing experience that feels light and sensitive. It has backlighting if you like to work or play in the dark, dedicated multimedia controls, and you can reassign or set a macro to any key. Unfortunately, some people may find wide key spacing a little exhausting, and Cherry MX Speed switches may be too sensitive to type due to their extremely low pre-travel distance. In addition, they do not provide any tactile feedback.
The Corsair K70 RAPIDFIRE is an excellent mechanical gaming keyboard that features Cherry MX Speed switches. These switches have a very short pre-travel distance and low drive force, allowing you to react to lightning speed when playing. Its aluminum-reinforced board feels sturdy, has dedicated media controls, and although the backlight is limited to a single red color, the keys are individually lit, so it can create great lighting effects. It comes with a wrist rest and is quite comfortable to write for long periods; However, some may find the key spacing too wide and the switches too sensitive for general typing. Each key is programmable, but unfortunately, there is no dedicated macro key.Corsair K70 RAPIDFIRE
The Corsair K70 RAPIDFIRE is an high quality gaming keyboard. Its Cherry MX Speed switches have a short pre-travel distance and low drive force, making the keys feel incredibly responsive and easy to press. There is very little bending on the board, ergonomics are good, and there is backlighting, although it is limited to a single color. All keys are macro-programmable, but there is no dedicated macro key for MMO games.

The Corsair K70 is a good keyboard for office use. The build quality is good and has great compatibility with most desktop operating systems. It is a convenient keyboard to type due to the included wrist rest and multiple tilt settings, but wide key spacing can be flysy and can also cause more typos. Cherry MX Speed switches can be too sensitive to write and do not provide any tactile feedback, which some may not like. On the plus side, they don’t generate much writing noise, so it shouldn’t be annoying for those around you.
The Corsair K70 is a good keyboard for programmers. It is well built, has macro-programmable keys, and has backlighting for those who like to work in the dark. It comes with a wrist rest and is quite comfortable to write, and Cherry MX Speed switches provide a great typing experience. However, some people may not like to write on linear switches due to lack of tactile feedback, and the high sensitivity of the switches can lead to more typos.Photo:Corsair

Corsair K70 RAPIDFIRE specs:

Weight 1.20kg
Keyboard Backlighting  RGB
Keyboard Layout  EU
HID Keyboard Report Rate  1000Hz
Key Switches   CHERRY® MX Speed
USB Pass-through   USB 2.0 Type-A
Matrix  105 Keys
Keyboard Dimensions  436mm x 165mm x 38mm
Keyboard Connectivity   Wired
Adjustable Height   Yes
Additional colored and textured keycaps   FPS / MOBA
Media Controls YN   Yes
Keyboard Type Size  K70
Keyboard Product Family   K70
Keyboard Rollover    Full Key (NKRO) with 100% Anti-Ghosting
Size(Full/TKL)   Full Size
Wired Connectivity   USB 2.0 Type-A
On-Board Memory   Yes
WIN Lock  Dedicated Hotkey
Media Keys   Dedicated Hotkeys, Volume Roller
Wrist Rest   Included, detachable, with soft touch finish
Keyboard CUE Software   Supported in iCUE

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