Expensive & the best 8K TV – Samsung QE85Q950TS

The highest standards of design and engineering make the Samsung QE85Q950TS the ultimate TV.

Infinity screen
Imagine the future of television with Samsung’s innovative Infinity display. It gives you the world’s first edge-to-edge viewing experience, dive into the depths of a pristine and limitless image. With its ultra-thin design, every inch of your nearby bezel minus TV has been carefully designed to lift all distractions, leaving you with only cinematic entertainment to enjoy on the Infinity screen. Made from premium materials, the future of television integrates seamlessly into your home. Welcome to a new era of TV, beyond all limits.


Infinity Screen

Take your viewing experience to the next level with a nearly-invisible frame. With minimized black edges, an ultra slim bezel removes any distractions so you can view more and focus on your favorite movie or show.

Samsung QE85Q950TS

Quantum HDR 4000 with HDR10 technology
Immerse yourself even more in incredible depths and details in everything you see. Discover what lurks in the darkest shadows of a movie or witness the true beauty of a bright, sunny scene with crisp clarity with Samsung HDR TV. With the highest brightness levels of any TV to date, and with each frame optimized for perfect pixel contrast, the image you see is as detailed as in the real world.

Quantum 8K processor
Find out how smart an AI TV can be. Relax as it automatically adapts to give you the best picture, day or night. The 8K expansion ensures you always feel the full power of 8K, regardless of the original content. Try a really addictive three-dimensional IA sound that is optimized to move with the action on the screen, all the time that adapts to the noise of your home. When you watch a movie, you will hear the action approaching from all directions and you will not even lose the dialogue.Samsung QE85Q950TS

Anti-reflection screen
Don’t miss a moment with Samsung’s acclaimed anti-damage display. Enjoy the midday game on your anti-glare screen, even in the sunlight flowing through the windows. No distraction from reflecting the light of any seat in the house. Get lost in the last super-production.

Object tracking sound
Try a really addictive sound that’s optimized to move with the action on the screen. 8 dedicated speakers, including side-shot speakers and automatic shooting, create a three-dimensional sound that puts you at the center of the action for a fully immersive experience.

An almost invisible cable – a connecting box – no wall mounting bracket
Effortlessly mount your QLED TV flush against the wall with the wall support without spaces. With only the One Near-Invisible cable connected, there aren’t many cables to hide anymore and you’re free to place your TV wherever you want. By connecting all your multimedia devices to One Connect Box, you can hide them in a closet, leaving you alone with the beautiful image to enjoy.Samsung QE85Q950TS

Real 8K resolution
Enter a new world of image quality that brings reality into your living room. Feel the power of each frame at a resolution 4 times greater than 4K. Come with colors, textures and skin tones that make each place the best in the house, with this 85-inch Samsung TV.

8K AI Upscaling
Samsung QE85Q950TS-Enjoy everything you see with glorious 8K resolution – even if it’s not shot in 8K. Using deep learning algorithms, QLED 8K is able to adjust the image in real time, pixel by pixel. Recreates the texture of the image, the border definition, and the level of detail at a much higher resolution. With all the content you see perfected on an 8K TV, the best 4K TV is an 8K TV.

Active adaptive voice amplifier and audio
Every sound has been perfected for what you’re seeing and where you’re looking at it. The QLED TV [Series] analyzes the acoustics in the room and the outputs depending on the type of show or movie you’re watching. Watching sports, you’ll feel like you’re at the stadium, or in a movie, you feel the action coming from all directions. And there will be no lack of dialogue either. This is thanks to our Active Voice Amplifier technology, which analyzes and adapts to any noise in your home, so you can relax and enjoy your box.

Direct Full Array
Outstanding display in all lighting conditions with perfect pixel contrast across the screen. Witness the true beauty of a moonlit scene with precise backlight technology that reveals the deep black of the sky and the crisp details of the bright moon. Make every moment unmissable with sharp contrast, deep blacks, and eye-catching colors.

Smart TV with TIZEN technology
Discover more and more ways to enjoy TV. Only the number 1 Smart TV brand you sell can give you access to the largest collection of 4K content and all your updated TV apps, including the Disney, Apple TV, NOW TV and BT Sport apps, all in one place at the touch of a button, which means you spend less time searching and more time watching the content you like.
And it’s never been easier to enjoy TV. Quickly set up your TV with your smartphone. Discover new ways to multitask with Samsung Multi View. Watch your favorite TV show while commenting on social media, all at once on the big screen – never miss another moment. And now, for the first time, you can use your favorite assistant to control your TV, and more, thanks to built-in voice support and Samsung SmartThings.Samsung QE85Q950TSMultiple voice assistants Bixby, Google and Alexa on TV
Can’t find the remote? For the first time, Bixby, Alexa and Google Assistant are integrated into your Samsung Smart TV. Discover an optimal entertainment experience and advanced hands-free voice control in your connected home. Changing the volume, font, channel and more is as easy as asking.
Light up your senses with the best audiovisual experience. Perfect synergy achieved by synchronizing the TV’s power speakers along with the soundbar speakers to provide surround audio at the same time from both devices. Exceptional sound quality provided by the TV and soundbar, without the need for a complicated configuration. Q-Symphony conducts sound like never before, only with Samsung.

Environment mode
Turn your TV screen into a decorative feature, displaying useful information, your photos or mixing the TV into its environment. Just take a picture, upload it to your TV and mix it in your décor. It automatically adapts to the light in your room, so you can make the big white screen a thing of the past.

Easy setup
Automatically access your accounts with a seamless, simple connection and configuration with your smartphone. Only Samsung can offer a complete setup in just a few simple steps. Your TV and mobile phone will connect automatically and your phone will share the Wi-Fi link with your TV. If your phone is connected to a Samsung account, it will automatically be shared with your TV: no additional access required.
If nothing else it will, the Samsung QE85Q950TS has it all.Photo:Samsung

There is no doubt that the Samsung Q950TS is a niche option. It is incredibly expensive (Current Price:$10999.99) and is well specified in excess of any conventional transmission or emission standard.
Still, the Q950TS is a compelling argument for itself: it’s big, but discreet from the usual great TV standards, and makes 4K content look better than most top 4K TVs can handle. It’s the best 4K TV on the planet right now – being an 8K TV is also almost an advantage. It is a demonstration of the current state of television art.


Screen size: 75- and 85-inches | Tuner: RF, satellite | Panel technology: QLED | Panel resolution: 7680 x 4320 | Smart TV: Samsung/Tizen | HDR: Yes (HLG, HDR10, HDR10+) | Inputs: 4x HDMI (inc 1 x HDMI 2.1), 3 x USB, ethernet |  Dimensions: 94 x 165 x 1.5 cm (HxWxD) |  Weight: 36kg

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