Fix Netflix error codes: F7353, UI3012, TVP-801, 1003, UKNWN, 1004…

Netflix is full of options and benefits although, of course, it is not a perfect platform and also has flaws. If you’re signed in to the service and can’t see what you want, you may have seen some of the most common Netflix error codes and don’t know what it means or what might have happened. Here we will explain what these error codes are, why they appear, how to avoid them or how to fix them.

We almost always turn to Netflix when we don’t know what to watch thanks to a convenient interface, the possibility to watch TV shows and movies on almost any device, or the ability to download TV shows on your PC or mobile phones to watch offline. A service full of advantages and options that make it one of the most complete. But it is far from perfect and we usually frequently find some bugs on

Most Netflix error codes are resolved quickly and have no complications. The most common error codes are typically caused by device-to-network connection issues (the Internet is not working properly), software update issues (you don’t have an updated browser or mobile device), or in-app compatibility issues.
There are some general solutions that you need to test, whatever the error code:

Control your Internet connection on your device
Check if your router is working properly
Make sure your app is up to date with the latest version
Make sure your device is compatible with Netflix
Sign out of your profile and sign in again
Update your phone or PC if you’re not already
Disable the VPN you’re using to see if it’s the problem
Check if there are too many users watching Netflix
Make sure there aren’t too many downloads already made


Netflix’s UKNWN error code is one of the most common and is usually accompanied by a message saying “You can’t access these titles right now. Please try again later. This message appears because the information on the device needs to be updated, so simply sign out and log in again for it to work properly.

Error 1004

If you see this error, the Netflix platform has not yet found the solution for this. To try to fix this issue, contact the streaming platform’s customer service and they’ll give you more information about what to do.

Error 1003

In case of error 1003 will be indicated with a message “You cannot play the movie. Please try again later. It can appear on any device where you use the official app and will appear when the app is not updated. Depending on the device, make sure your phone or tablet is up to date and the official Netflix app you installed is the latest version netflix errors

TVP-801 Error

This error is due to a network connection problem while accessing Netflix. It can happen on your smart TV or other devices. To fix it, in case you have the problem on TV, follow these steps:

Go to
Log in
Check for available errors
Use streaming again later
Contact customer service if there are any errors

Error M7111-1331-2206

This problem has to do with bookmarks. If you use a bookmark to visit Netflix, you may have encountered this error. Avoid accessing the shortcut from the bookmark bar and simply go watch the TV show or movie you want. If resolved, update the URL of your bookmark.

Error M7111-1331-5067

If you are seeing something on your computer, you may have seen the error M7083-2107 that has to do with a problem in a Google Chrome browser extension. Some extension you’ve installed is making you unable to watch the series or movie you want, so go turn it off until you find out what’s to blame. When you stop using it, you can install it or re-activate.

Error 07363-1260-00000048

If you use Opera as a browser, this code will appear if you are using an unsupported version. Solution – update Opera browser.

Error H7353

This error appears in case the information is saved on the computer that needs to be updated. Check if you have pending Windows updates, restart your Netflix app, or restart your computer.


A network issue prevents the series or movie from playing correctly. If you see Netflix error code NW-2-5, it’s because the device you’re playing Netflix with has had a connection issue with your home network. It may have been a quick release and within seconds it returns to normal, but you can check your internet connection to see what happened, restart your router, or restart your device to work again.

Error M7121-1331-P7

Not all browsers support video playback on Netflix. If you receive this error, this is a compatibility issue with your browser. You can easily watch movies or series in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer or Opera, but if you’re using a less common one, you might see this error on the streaming platform. Just change your browser.

Error W8226

You may receive this error if you are watching a series or movie from a computer running the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. It is due to an error in the software, so check the settings to try to fix it or change the device.

Error F7353

If you are watching Netflix from Mozilla Firefox and encounter this error on the screen, it warns you that you are using an older version of the browser and that you need to update it in order to enjoy the streaming page without any deleteeffd

Error UI3012

This error accompanies the message “Oh, oh, something failed … An unexpected error occurred. An unexpected error occurred. Reload the page and try again. ” It will simply be a connection problem from your computer that will be fixed by connecting you back to the WiFi signal or checking that your internet connection has not been interrupted in the last few minutes.

Error F / 121-1331

This error appears when you need to update the information stored in your browser. You’ll see if you’re using Mozilla Firefox in a version that isn’t the latest and just download the latest version to fix it. This way, change your browser to see the series or movie you want. photo:Pixabay

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