How to choose and buy a good Wi-Fi router ?

This is some kind of guide or review,when you decide to buy a new Wi-Fi router

Just before you even begin to get worried about the price and what all the vocabulary usually means,the very first question you need to ask is; do you need this new wi-fi router at all? If you just have one personal computer that you want to connect to the net, and you usually use it in the same room in your home,don’t forget that you may just connect through a cable.

Wi-Fi routers can vary substantially selling price,so don’t get “forced”
by a salesman and end up buying one thing that you don’t actually need. Work out what it is you will be using your net connection for before you get started searching around.If you are only going to be exploring the internet a very few times a day and reading your e-mails,you will simply need a very simple model. On the other hand,if you have one person in the house who loves to watch movies, another who will want to play online games, and you will still want to be able to read your e-mails,you would definitely need a more expensive unit to deal with all that traffic.Wi Fi router   th

Router speed ratings are something that you need to think about. The speed of a wi-fi router is presented in megabits per second (Mbps).To give you an idea of what that suggests;earlier models were in the region of 11Mbps, a mid-range model would be in the range of 200 Mbps to 600 Mbps, and a top notch of the range item would provide a speed of more than 1,000Mbps. Generally,there is no need to buy the top all-in-one wireless router you can find if your net usage is going to be rare.

If you wish to receive a wireless signal anywhere in the home,then the range will probably be something that you must check.Be informed,although, that the range described in the manufacturers specs will be the max possible range, and there are a lot of factors that can interrupt or weaken a wireless signal.

If you are wanting at budget wireless routers for less than $200, then make absolutely sure that you check what type of warranty is offered with the device. If a supplier is not ready to support its products with a good warranty,it may be an indication that the quality of the product is certainly not as fine as it need to be.

Read some reviews about Wi-Fi routers

One of the ways to explore if what you are buying is seriously as good as the manufacturer claims it to be, is to read consumer reviews.Even though some reviews may not be real, you can still generally spot the trend in reviews and work out of the product is really worth including to your small list of wi-fi routers.