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How to fix “Loading Please Wait…” error, Netflix on a Roku1 box?

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Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter netgear

Your Roku may only have lost connection to a network. From the Roku user interface, you can check the system settings in this instance.

.On the screen, scroll down and then go to the settings menu.

Scroll down and open the network option to see if your Roku TV, streaming stick or rename box is still connected.

When it is, you can click the check connection option to test the network connection.

Take a look, if the elements seem to be okay in that conclusion and make sure it’s connected. Depending on the form of your Roku device, you could benefit from trying to switch from a wireless connection to one using an ethernet cable. Roku’s support page also includes a list of codes that can help you identify connectivity issues.

Check for updates

After a while, programs can only begin to act in a fun way, especially if the software has not been updated for a while. Programmers Press changes that also require updates to work, they will stagnate. Updating the programs should help ensure that they continue to work. Normally, Roku checks for updates when turned on, or every 24-36 hours. You can also manually check for updates.

On the screen, scroll down and then go to the settings menu.

Scroll down and choose the system option.

Click the software update selection.

Ultimately, click the Check Now option that this will evaluate for both Roku system updates and Netflix app updates.  Photo: Pixabaynetflix loading streaming issues

Restart your Roku.

Have you tried turning the device on and off again? This works more often. Give your Roku a reboot by unplugging it for at least 10 seconds. Reconnect it and turn on the device. Wait at least a minute before returning to Netflix.

Check your Netflix accounts

The problem could come from the Netflix account, in case the app has trouble playing videos. Review your account to make sure your subscription has been successfully restored. If you have changed your credit card, you may want to update it.

It could also have to do with your subscription program. Netflix offers several pricing programs that can limit as you probably already know. So if other people are leaving your account, you might consider upgrading your subscription plan or kicking someone out.

I solved this using a wired connection, not wireless. The cable connection is much more robust.Powerline AV Ethernet Adapter netgearHowever, I couldn’t get a cable from my router to the TV, so I use a powerline adapter-I have three of these from Amazon: Netgear XAV2001 powerline AV 200 adapter , with a network switch so you can connect two Roku’s and a Google TV device. One of them: D-LINK DSS5E DSS – 5e 5 ports 10/100 desktop switch. Photo: Netgear

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