How To Make Good YouTube Videos-4 great Tips

Admin October 10, 2016
Updated 2018/02/05 at 3:26 PM

First, let’s begin with some of the most popular sorts of videos that people put together on YouTube. You’ll have Powerpoint or Keynote presentations, screencasts, stuff from Fiverr like animations, paper clipping and drawings and definitely, the most popular and that is presenting in front of the camera. As you now recognize the types of videos that you can put together, here’s our 4-step formula to help you put together better videos for your business.youtubelogo__

Step one is the Opener. This is the most important part of your video. Statistics show that most videos are closed in the first 5 seconds of them starting. So you should do something that’s most likely to get the audience’s interest straightaway. And this is what we refer to as a Patter Interrupt in marketing. Instead of wasting your first 5 seconds of your video on like a logo or like an animated title, you want to do something different.
Step two is the Introduction. Now this is where you can put your marketing. If you have an attractive animated logo for your title, that would be ideal, you may use that. If you can’t, you can be creative. You can hold up a piece of paper together with your logo. In this portion of the introduction, what you want to do is give out things like your name, your company, the name of your TV show.

Step three is the Body of your show. This is where you give all the content that your viewers want. A lot of keyword research in our previous video can help you determine what you want this part to be about. Step four is the Call To Action. Every video must have a solid call to action at the end of it. There’s no point making videos just for the sake of producing videos. We must have a purpose or a reason why you’re making this video. So at the end of each video, produce sure you tell your viewers what it is you would like them to do. Whether it is to subscribe to your YouTube channel, to sign up to your email list or to obtain a product or service that you have.

And finally, the most crucial rule about online video, the shorter the videos, the better. We find videos that are about 2-3 minutes in length, perfect. And now, let us get onto this week’s challenge. This week’s challenge is to create a video using our 4-step formula. So that is Opener, Branding, Body and Call To Action.

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