Improve Your Smartphone Speed – 7 simple tips

Like most operating systems that are used on mobiles and desktops, the performance of the Android operating system starts to decrease after some time. If you use a phone under $100 or a high-end smartphone, the problem will be the same.

Mobile operating systems are typically faster and lighter, as they should meet our needs on the go. But since most Android-based phones tend to be slower after a while, it is common for users to search online or seek advice from others on how to improve the speed of their smartphones. A simple tip is to go for a phone with 8GB of RAM or the one with a higher variant. Going for a phone that has 2GB or 4GB will not be enough in the modern world.

Improve Your Smartphone Speed
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Here are some 7 useful tips that can help improve the speed of your smartphone:
1. Remove or disable unwanted applications
All applications installed on the phone take up storage space. In addition, these applications run background processes and this can consume data. It does not matter if you are buying a phone under 20000 or a flagship device, when a large amount of storage space is occupied, or when a large number of background processes occur, the device begins to reduce its performance. If you do not use an app, you need to delete it. It is recommended to keep only those applications that you use.

2. Use a high-speed memory card
It’s okay to use an 8GB RAM phone, but if your memory card is slower, it doesn’t help to improve the speed of your device. Remember, the memory card of the smartphone is where all the storage space of the phone takes place. If the phone is limited with little internal memory, a high-speed memory card will not only increase the storage space, but also greatly improve the speed of the device. This is a trick that you can use even if you decide to buy a phone under $100 . It is best if you opt for Class 10 or Class 6 memory cards for your phone, especially if you are trying to increase its performance.

3. Reduce or disable animations
Consider reducing animations if you want to speed up your smartphone. An easy way to do this is to enable Developer Options. After enabling this option, you can reduce or disable animations. This hack is useful to improve the speed, even if you have a mobile 8 GB of RAM. When you make this change, you can adjust the animator duration scale, the transition animation scale, and the Window animation scale. The advantage will be seen in the form of reduced time needed to make visual effects on the device.

4. Install applications from known sources
Many Android apps look good and look useful, but they are unreal and want to take control of your device and collect as much information about you as possible. Therefore, even if you have a phone under $100, it is better to download and install apps only from trusted and well-known sources such as the Google Play Store. You will have this option on your device.

5. Keep your home screen clean
Your phone will definitely look good when you have attractive widgets and live wallpapers. But, these characteristics can negatively affect the performance of the device by putting additional load on it. Then, if possible, select static background and consider removing unused widgets and icons. You will notice improved speed and performance of your device once the Home screen is clean and tidy.

6. Resetting the device
If you are using an 8GB RAM phone or a low-end one, you can consider running a factory reset if nothing works for you. You can reset your smartphone by visiting the Settings and clicking on the factory reset option or the hard reset option. In the first case, all data from the phone including applications, videos, caches and photos will be deleted. In the latter case, a deeper cleaning is performed. Even a phone under $100 has a reset option that can be used at any time.

7. Stop syncing
Sync is the process of synchronizing your phone’s data with Google servers. Using this feature, you will receive new notifications every time an app is updated, a message arrives in your inbox, or a new email arrives. A simple synchronization process, even on an 8GB RAM phone, can only be achieved after the phone is updated to a preset interval. This process will consume on the performance of the device, making it slow or slow. Then, if possible, keep the Sync option disabled.


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