In Car multimedia Apps for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto users

Along with the introductions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can now use your Apple or Android
device in your car while on the move in a risk-free a legal way.

CarPlay is the more intelligent,more secure in-vehicle interface to operate your
iPhone, and now gets to another level by being featured in cars and multimedia receivers.CarPlay takes
the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving a car and puts them
on your car’s built-in display. Use Siri voice control to get instructions,make
phone calls, listen to voice mail and also send and receive messages.You can even reply to iMessages by using app

Until finally Android Auto arrived along there was no way of seamlessly integrating
this outstanding piece of tech into your car. Now the game has switched.
This is big news.You can throw your awkward mobile phone holder in the bin and bask in the glory
of a very simple USB connection that will let you to access Android Auto simply and easily using your Google smartphone.
Android Auto was developed with security as priority number one.
The interface is very simple and intuitive, and with most vehicles you can use the factory built-in
steering wheel controls and access voice control through the touch of a single button.

The times of having a sat navigation or your mobile phone stuck to your window are
numbered.These are the best 5 applications that will integrate with new range of multimedia systems for Apple
CarPlay or Android Auto users.

1-Google Maps – reigning supreme for years, this free app is an crucial co-pilot for anyone who
travels further than the end of their street.Available only for Android Auto,this looks amazing in your car’s dash
and will display all the functions in a simple-to-use touch screen interface.

2-Spotify – One of the most well known applications available for both Apple CarPlay and Android
Auto users, Spotify is the ultimate music streaming provider.If you’re a Premium user,then you can access
all of your ‘offline’ music without a data connection,too.Truthfully,getting Spotify in-car is definitely

3-Podcasts – Now all your most liked Podcasts can be used super-quick whilst on the move.Whether you
want to listen to new music or chat shows to get you through a long trip,CarPlay allows for simple playback.

4-Apple Maps – The intuitive,free and easy to use mapping application has
been very seriously enhanced since its release a few years back. Points of
interest, a stunning-looking Graphical User Interface, and the thing we truly like about Apple Maps is that you get
notifications, even when the mobile phone is locked.When a turn is coming up,
the view zooms in to show you exactly where to go. Of course it goes without saying that Apple Maps works perfectly
with Siri, too. So you do not have to take your hands off the wheel.

5-TuneIn Radio – This application is excellent.TuneIn Radio is a must-have that will allow you to listen to 100,000+ live
radio stations, plus on-demand content like podcasts & shows anywhere you
go. It’s free and available for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.No matter exactly where you are in the world,you can listen your favourite radio stations.