Large TV – OLED LG CX series, stunning picture quality

The LG CX has a slim design with a premium feel and looks very similar to the OLED LG C9. The silver metal on the back is a bit darker than its predecessor, but has the same stand that allows the TV to sit near the table.
The stand is very solid and the TV doesn’t swing that much. It’s almost as wide as the TV, so you need a big table to place it on. Also, since the TV is so low on the table, placing a soundbar in front of it could potentially clog the screen.
LG CX has decent HDR peak brightness, but it may not be enough to bring out some HDR highlights. There is quite a bit of variation when viewing different content, and it becomes the least bright with large areas, which is caused by aggressive ABL.LG CX OLEDUnfortunately, like most OLED TVs, the LG CX is not immune to permanent burn-in. However, we don’t expect people watching different content to have issues, but rather it’s a problem if there are constant static displays, as if it were used as a PC monitor.
This TV has three features to help the risk of burn-in. Enabling the Screen Change option and setting the logo luminance adjustment to “Low” can help in this regard. There is also a pixel refresher that can be done manually if needed.
LG CX is excellent to use as a PC monitor. It can display the correct 4:4:4 chromaticity, which is important for reading text, the input delay is low, and has very wide viewing angles, so the image remains accurate if you sit near it. However, it has the risk of permanent burn-in, which could be problematic with static displays.
LG CX OLED is high-quality TV for watching movies. With its OLED display, it can produce perfect blacks, making it amazing to watch movies in the dark. It increases content by 1080p well, can remove the thrill from 24p fonts like Blu-ray players, and has an almost instant response time, but unfortunately, this makes some content look stuttering.
LG CX OLED is excellent for sports. It has exceptional reflection management, but its maximum brightness is simply decent. It also has wide viewing angles, ideal for watching the game with a group of friends. It has an almost instant response time that makes the fast-moving content smooth and there is no dirty screen effect in the center.
LG CX OLED is very good for playing video games. The input delay is very low in “Game” mode, has an almost instant response time and supports G-SYNC and FreeSync VRR to reduce screen tearing. Unfortunately, static menus in video games could be a problem for an OLED TV, as this TV has a risk of it moving permanently. Luckily, it’s a great choice for darkroom games as it can produce perfect blacks.LG CX OLEDLG CX OLED is an excellent TV for most uses. Like any OLED TV, it can produce perfect blacks and has an almost instant response time. It also has FreeSync support and G-SYNC support to reduce screen tearing during playback. Unfortunately, you have the risk of burning permanently, but this shouldn’t be a problem with various content. It is ideal for watching shows during the day, as it has exceptional reflection management and wide viewing angles.

LG CX is great for HDR movies. The OLED LG CX covers almost all DCI P3 color space used in most HDR content and has good rec color space coverage. 2020 wider. It can produce perfect blacks, remove the thrill from all sources and has an almost instant response time. Unfortunately, its HDR peak brightness is just decent, and some highlights may not explode as expected.LG CX OLEDLG CX OLED is ideal for HDR games. It has a total of gaming features such as low input delay, VRR support, and near-immediate response time. In addition, it displays a very wide range of colors in HDR and has an infinite contrast ratio. Unfortunately, its HDR peak brightness is decent as it cannot display very bright colors.
LG CX is one of the two top-level OLED TVs in the LG 2020 line and, like any OLED, offers excellent image quality. It’s packed with gaming features like FreeSync’s Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support and G-SYNC support to reduce screen tearing. It has an almost instant response time and also a low input delay. It individually turns off pixels, with an infinite contrast ratio and perfect black uniformity, making it a perfect choice to watch movies in dark rooms. It also has ample viewing angles for when you want to watch TV with a large group of people. It shows a wide range of colors for HDR content, but it only has decent maximum brightness in HDR, so some highlights may not be as vivid as the creator intended. Like any OLED, it has the risk of burning permanently, but we don’t expect this to be a problem for those watching different content.
This superb and perfect OLED LG TV you can find in 77 inch size(OLED77CXPUA), 65″(OLED65CXPUA), 55″(OLED55CXPUA) and 48″(OLED48CXPUB). Video/Photo:LG


    • Display Type  OLED
    • Display Resolution   4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160)
    • Wide Viewing Angle   Yes
    • Dimming Technology   Pixel Level Dimming


    • Picture Processor   α9 Gen 3 AI Processor 4K
    • Refresh Rate   120Hz (Native)
    • HDR (High Dynamic Range)   Cinema HDR (Dolby Vision®, HDR10, HLG), Dolby Vision IQ, HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro
    • Contrast    Advanced Contrast Enhancer, Face Enhancing, Ultra Luminance Pro
    • Clarity   Quad Step Noise Reduction, Frequency Based Sharpness Enhancer
    • Color   Intense Color, Billion Rich Colors, Advanced Color Enhancer, True Color Accuracy Pro
    • Motion   OLED Motion Pro
    • Resolution Upscaler   AI Upscaling


    • G-SYNC Compatible   Yes
    • FreeSync™    Yes
    • VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)   Yes
    • ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode)   Yes
    • Response Time   >1 ms
    • HGiG    Yes


    • LG ThinQ® AI   Yes
    • Google   Google Assistant Built-in “Works with” Google Assistant
    • Alexa    Alexa Built-in “Works with” Alexa
    • Apple    Apple Airplay2, Apple Homekit
    • Intelligent Voice Recognition   Yes
    • Home Dashboard   Yes
    • AI Picture Pro / AI Picture    AI Picture Pro
    • Auto Genre Selection   Yes (SDR/HDR/Dolby HDR)


    • Operating System   webOS
    • Magic Remote Control    Yes (Point, Click, Scroll, Voice)
    • Universal Remote Control   Yes (Auto Device Detection)
    • LG Channels   Yes
    • LG Content Store (App Store)   Yes
    • Full Web Browser   Yes
    • Gallery Mode   Yes
    • Sports Alert   Yes


    • Speaker System   2.2 Channel
    • Output Power   40W (20W Woofer)
    • Speaker Direction   Front Firing (Reflector)
    • AI Sound Pro / AI Sound   AI Sound Pro
    • Dolby Atmos   Yes
    • WiSA Ready   Yes (Separate Dongle Purchase Required)
    • Surround Mode   OLED Surround
    • Audio Codec   AC4, AC3 (Dolby Digital), EAC3, HE-AAC, AAC, MP2, MP3, PCM, WMA, apt-X (refer to manual)
    • Bluetooth Surround Ready   Yes
    • LG Sound Sync    Yes


    • Wi-Fi® Standard   Wi-Fi Certified 802.11ac
    • Bluetooth® Support   Version 5.0
    • IP Control   Yes
    • HDMI-CEC (Simplink)   Yes
    • TV Tuner   ATSC, Clear QAM
    • Smart Phone Connectivity   Yes


    • HDMI Input (HDCP 2.2)   1 (rear) / 3 (side)
    • HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC)   eARC (HDMI 2)
    • USB Ports (v 2.0)   2 (rear) / 1 (side)
    • RF Connection Input (Antenna/Cable)  1 (rear)
    • AV Input   1 (rear) breakout cable required, not included
    • Ethernet Input  1 (rear)
    • RS-232C Input (Mini Jack)  1 (rear)
    • Digital Audio Output (Optical)  1 (rear)
    • Headphone Out   1 (rear)


    • Power Supply (Voltage, Hz)   AC 120V, 50/60Hz
    • Standby Power Consumption   Under 0.5W


    • TV Dimensions with Stand (WxHxD)
    • 67.8″ x 40.3″ x 10.6″
    • TV Dimensions without Stand (WxHxD)
    • 67.8″ x 39.1″ x 2.2″
    • Packaging Dimensions (WxHxD)
    • 74.6″ x 44.5″ x 11.2″
    • Stand Width   47. 2″
    • TV Weight with Stand  79.1 lbs
    • TV Weight without Stand   58.9 lbs
    • Packaging Weight   108.7 lbs
    • VESA Mounting (W x H)   400 x 200
    • UPC   719192637177


    • Remote   Magic Remote
    • Remote Control Battery   Yes
    • Power Cable   Yes
    • Quick Start Guide  Yes
    • E-Manual   Yes


    • 2020 Model   Yes
    • Country of Origin   Korea
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