Mercedes GLC Coupe-AMG Line model

At £42,540, Mercedes GLC Coupé however not inexpensive,even though – so what do you obtain for your cash? This price buys you an AMG Line type with the entry-level 168bhp 220 d engine. Despite a moderate power output and a
rather standard 400Nm of torque, the nine-speed transmission helps increase acceleration and,along
with four-wheel drive, gets the heavy 1,845kg GLC off the line pretty efficiently.Mercedes Benz GLC Coupé

At the track,Mercedes GLC Coupé accelerated from 0-60mph in 8.2 seconds.Improvement
is not the 2.1-litre unit’s powerful point, so it’s better to tread gently on the throttle and stroke the GLC
Coupé along at a more tranquil pace. When you do,the in-gear performance is effective. And with one
extra ratio compared with the eight-speed BMW,it pulls a mere 1,500rpm at 70mph in 9th,which
keeps the noise down on the motorway.

But,this is where the positives stop.On this test car’s 19-inch wheels the GLC Coupé’s ride
was lumpy, while the body didn’t feel especially well tied down over bad types of surface.
On these kinds of rougher roads the chassis fidgets,and it struggles to settle into a smooth lope on the
motorway. Yet start to push tougher through a series
of corners and the Mercedes wallows around. The soft,lifeless steering does not have the BMW’s precision,
and the GLC Coupé isn’t as prepared to change direction.Nor is it as agile or fun – although neither
car is specially inspiring from behind the wheel.
Simply being based on the regular C-Class, the cabin is smart, with a nice combine of upmarket
materials. Artificial Artico leather is fitted as regular,however; BMW includes genuine part-leather
sports seats in the X4’s price.Mercedes Benz GLC Coupé

The Mercedes GLC provides various driving modes that sharpen throttle response and add weight to the steering.
But Comfort is still the ideal compromise; in Sport and Sport+ things really feel too heavy.
Air suspension is accessible for £1,495 to enhance ride quality.Mercedes Benz GLC Coupé

And just as the Mercedes GLC Coupé’s dynamics are compromised, the interior is tempered by a dated
multimedia system, with very low-res graphics. At least there is lots of standard kit: LED headlights, keyless
go, sat-nav, DAB, park assist, heated seats and a reversing camera all feature,with some
strong safety technology that you’d expect at this price.

photo-Mercedes GLC