New Nissan Navara-High performance and fantastic efficiency

Not just is the Nissan Navara design and style totally new,but mechanically they began with a clean
slate as well.It is a little bit larger and heavier than its predecessor.The load bin,for illustration,
is now 67 mm much longer than before, and it weighs between 5- and 38 kg more,depending on the type you choose.

The current trend is towards smaller sized, but much more powerful engines.With the new 2.3-litre
Nissan turbo-diesel there are two variants:a single turbo developing 120 kW and 403 Nm, and the higher-spec
twin turbo that is good enough for 140 kW and 450 Nm.

Originally there will solely be turbo-diesels available, and the same 2.5-litre petrol engine
used in the X-Trail will be released at a later stage.As far as the gearbox is concerned,Nissan scores
another 1st with a 7-speed automatic. VW Amarok has an 8-speed car, but no low range. The Navara has high
and low range, for a theoretical FOURTEEN gears at your disposal.Nissan Navara

The interior is luxurious, with more or less everything you’d expect.This model,for example,
had an electric sunroof.The instruments are comprehensive and compare very well to, say, the new Hilux. In other
words, it might not be quite as subtle and soft on the eye as that of a German SUV, but for a
modern Japanese double cab it’s basically par for the course.
Head- and legroom at the front is generous, as is legroom at the back. The only thing that
did strike me as peculiar is the absence of a telescopic adjustment
for the steering wheel.But seat-to-steering-wheel adjustment
wasn’t a problem.What does count in its favour are the four wide-angle cameras around the vehicle that can
be used at low speeds to view hidden obstacles on the central infotainment display. Nissan Navara

The robust 2.3-litre 190PS twin turbo or 160PS single turbo diesel engine of the all-new Navara, proven over millions of miles, delivers the rugged performance and fantastic efficiency you demand from a pick-up truck, with fuel economy of up to 46.3mpg and CO₂ emissions from 159g/km.

There will be two 2.3-litre turbo-diesels: a single turbo that develops
120kW and 403Nm; and a twin turbo that develops 140kW and 450Nm.

It has a 7-speed automatic gearbox with high and low range, in addition
to a rear diff lock.

It has the normal electronic trickery,such as stability control,downhill
brake assist and uphill start assist.

There are four wide angle cameras around
the vehicle so you can see hidden hazards when offroading in tight spots.Nissan Navara

The rear suspension is unique: a five-link design with coil springs.The Nissan Navara has good load-carrying
capacity, handling and superior ride quality.


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