Over-ear, Open-Back magnetic HiFiMan Arya headphones

HiFiMan Arya are comfortable headphones. They don’t hold too tightly on your head and the headphones are spacious. The auricles are well padded, while the synthetic leather band distributes its weight well. You should not experience too much tiredness using them during long listening sessions.
HiFiMan Arya magnetic headphones has acceptable stability. They are not designed for physical activity and can move around the head, even with a slight movement of the head. That said, they need to maintain their placement during occasional listening sessions.
HiFiMan Arya’s bass accuracy is perfect. Although the low-low is underemployed, resulting in a little less punch and roar, the rest of the answer is very flat and uniform. Your mix should look warm and have a proper trait.
These Arya magnetic headphones have poor sound insulation, which is to be expected from the open rear headphones. They do not provide any low-end sound insulation such as bus engine rumble or mid-range sound as an environmental discourse. They also barely block sharp noise like the hum of an air conditioning unit.Headphones HiFiMan AryaHeadphones HiFiMan Arya is a high-quality for neutral sound. They have a very neutral sound profile with a soft touch of brightness. Although they slightly lack bumps and squeezing, this is probably due to their open rear design. This design also helps to create a wide and complete soundscape that can really help you immerse yourself in your audio. They have consistent audio playback, so you don’t need to constantly adjust them to make sure you hear the same sound every time you use them.
HiFiMan Arya is fine for cable games. You can only receive audio with the cable and you need to purchase a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter separately if you want to use them via an AUX port. That said, they are comfortable, have a neutral sound profile and are well built.
HiFiMan Arya is disappointing for sports and fitness. They are not the most stable option for exercise, they take heat, and there is a possibility that you can hook their cable to something, which could pull them out of the head. In addition, they do not have an IP rating for water resistance, although at the moment we do not test for it. On the plus side, they have a comfortable fit and are well built.Headphones HiFiMan AryaCompared to other earbuds, its open rear design helps to improve airflow circulation a bit. However, they still have large flat magnetic controllers that can capture heat over time. Although you shouldn’t sweat too much if you’re listening to audio on your desk, they can warm your ears during exercise.

HiFiMan Arya Specs:

  • Driver Type: Planar magnetic
  • Design: Open-back over ear (has cup swivel)
  • Sensitivity: 91.2dB
  • Impedance: 41Ω
  • Weight: <400g
  • Price: $1599

The HiFiMan Arya is not too good for use in the office. They’re comfortable, well built, and lack battery, so you don’t have to worry about stopping to charge them all day. However, its open-back design means that they filter a lot of audio and won’t even block noise like environmental talk.  Photo: Hifiman officialHiFiMan Arya are open-back flat magnetic headphones designed with neutral audio fans in mind. They have a very neutral sound profile, although slightly bright and thanks to its open rear design, its sound stage is perceived as wide and spacious. They are also very comfortable and have a great quality of construction. That said, they won’t be the best choice if you’re looking for a pair of versatile headphones while filtering a lot of audio and don’t block ambient noise. However, they excel in neutral audio playback, which should please audiophiles.


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