Panamax Power360 over/under voltage protection – The best in class

The Panamax Power360 P360-Dock offers a practical solution for safeguarding your electronics from harmful surges and spikes, especially in situations where traditional power strips cannot be used. This device fits over your AC wall outlet and can safely power up to six components, while also providing two USB charging ports that are protected. Additionally, the device comes with a convenient cradle where you can rest your phone or tablet while it charges.

The P360-Dock offers two layers of reliable protection for your equipment. In the event of a catastrophic power spike, such as a lightning strike, the Protect or Disconnect™ circuitry reacts almost instantly by switching off power to your devices, and then resets itself automatically when voltage returns to normal. Similarly, the SmartGuard feature provides protection against under-voltage (brownout) or over-voltage conditions by automatically disconnecting power until voltage returns to safe levels.

Panamax Power360 P360-Dock
Panamax Power360 P360-Dock – photo: Panamax

The Circle of Protection™ LED indicator on the front of the P360-Dock allows you to monitor the status of your protection, wiring, and voltage. This multi-color display provides easy-to-understand information at a glance, giving you a real-time report on the state of your electronics’ protection.

The Panamax Power360 P360-Dock is an excellent solution for protecting your electronics from harmful surges and spikes. This device offers 6 protected AC power outlets and two USB charging ports, each with a total capacity of 2.1 amps, allowing you to charge two phones at once or one tablet with ease.

One of the standout features of the P360-Dock is its space-saving design, which allows it to plug directly into a standard AC outlet, making it a convenient and practical option for any household or office space.

Additionally, the device is equipped with Protect or Disconnect circuitry, which automatically disconnects AC power to your equipment in the event of a catastrophic surge or spike, providing reliable and efficient protection for your devices. SmartGuard technology also offers active over/under voltage monitoring, ensuring that your electronics are safe from any power-related issues.

The Circle Of Protection LED display on the front of the P360-Dock is another great feature, which allows you to easily monitor the status of your protection, wiring, and voltage. The device also comes with a convenient charging cradle, providing a safe and stable place to hold your phone or tablet while it charges.Panamax Power360 P360-Dock

The P360-Dock offers reliable and efficient protection for your electronics with 1080-joule protection and a maximum current rating of 15 amps. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected for the long term. Panamax Power360 P360-Dock is a very useful product at an attractive price of $65.00.

Panamax Power360 specs:

Energy Dissipation: 1080 J

USB Charging
Ports: 2 USB Type-A
Removable Modules: No
Output Voltage: 5.0VDC +/- 0.5VDC
Output Current, per port: 1 A max
Output Current, total: 2 A max

  • Family     360 Series
  • Line Voltage        120 (Volts)
  • Number of Outlets         6
  • Outlet Descriptions               All 6 outlets filtered and surge protected
  • Control                    On/Off control to all outlets through power switch.
  • Compliance             UL 1449 VPR (pending UL) 500 V
  • USB Charging                         2 high capacity USB ports
  • Low Voltage Trigger           N/A
  • AC Power Cord                       N/APanamax Power360 P360-Dock--
AC Protection
  • AC Protection Technology                 Protect or Disconnect + Smartguard
    Active Over/Under Voltage Monitoring
    L-N, L-G, N-G Protection Modes
  • Undervoltage Shutoff           95 VAC +/- 5 VAC
  • Over-Voltage Shutoff                  140 VAC +/- 7 VAC
  • Maximum Current Rating                 15 (Amps)
  • Filtration Technology              RFI/EMI Filtration
  • Signal Line Protection                No
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