Powerful 8K, 85″ Sony BRAVIA XR85Z9JU with new Cognitive Processor XR

With 8K HDR and an 85-inch screen, the TV is no better than the Sony BRAVIA XR-85Z9J.

8K XR picture
Powered by the super powerful new XR cognitive processor, this Sony 85 inch 8K TV delivers the highest picture quality – 8K HDR. If you thought 4K was great, 8K from Sony will blow your mind. With four times the resolution (res 7680 x 4320) and improved brightness, 8K HDR provides the texture, depth and detail of the picture closer to reality.Sony BRAVIA XR-85Z9J

Sony’s new powerful cognitive processor XR

Taking picture and sound processing to the higher level, Sony’S XR cognitive processor combines artificial intelligence with cognitive intelligence to achieve an image balance that is more suitable for humans rather than simple algorithms. The processor analyzes each element of the image to give a sharper image with greater depth and realism. The processor also improves low-resolution images, giving smoother, more natural images from sources such as terrestrial television.

85 inch screen – Cinematic scale
With a powerful 85-inch display, the Bravia XR-85Z9J is the ideal TV for an perfect home theater system. As large as many projection screens, this Sony BRAVIA XR85Z9JU TV strikes the ideal balance between the movie Master player when you want it and discreet, everyday TV when you don’t.Sony BRAVIA XR-85Z9J

Full array LED backlight with XR Triluminos Pro and XR Contrast Booster 15
The Sony Bravia XR-85Z9J uses a full array LED backlight for a bright, even backlight. XR Triluminos Pro combines with XR color to deliver the most authentic and natural color. For the highest levels of contrast and detail, XR Contrast Booster 15 adjusts the brightness to give brighter peaks and more detail in darker areas.

Smoother images with XR Motion Clarity and 8K XR Smoothing
Sony’S XR X-Motion Clarity is Sony’s latest processor and maximizes the advantage of 8K resolution.by controlling the backlight more precisely, this 85 ” Sony TV offers greater realism, especially with fast-moving sports and action movies. 8K XR smoothing reduces the” banding ” effect that can affect other 8K TVs. this means you get the most out of 8K detail with extra smooth motion.Sony BRAVIA XR-85Z9J

Image quality as the creator intended: NCM, IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Vision and Calman Ready
Compatible with a wide range of technologies, the XR-85z9j reproduces images, just as the creator intended. Used with IMAX certified 4K HDR content, IMAX Enhanced uses its proprietary Digital remaster (DMR) technology to deliver ultra-vivid images. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll love NCM (Netflix Calibrated Mode). NCM bypasses many of the TV’s processors, giving it an image much closer to the director’s intention. Calman Ready, this TV is also ideal for those who want to calibrate their TV to truly professional levels.

XR audio position with 3D surround upscaling for surround sound
As part of the XR cognitive processor, XR sound positioning works to synchronize sound with the correct part of the image, as accurately as possible. XR Surround With 3D Surround Upscaling takes a normal audio signal and creates a virtual surround sound effect-making you feel more immersed in the action. Video: Sony Europe/YouTube

Multi-audio acoustic for dynamic sound
Sony’s unique Multi audio acoustic speaker system improves synchronization between what you see and what you hear. Frame speakers identify the sound of the action, increasing the sense of connection and realism. The front subwoofers enhance the bass, delivering the powerful sound that action movies and large-scale soundtracks deserve. BRAVIA XR-85Z9J

New Google TV *(BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 & My5 are expected to be available via YouView during 2021. Some services are only available in UK)
Using Google’s world-class interface, Google TV makes access to the smart features of this Sony TV a breeze. Personalize your home screen with the apps you use the most, enjoy tips, organize your movie nights, and even add to your watchlist via your smartphone-Google TV gives Smart TV meaning. You can also access Sony Pictures, audio and other TV settings while keeping everything you need under one roof.

Hands-free voice control of the TV
With the built-in Google Assistant, this Sony TV effortlessly becomes part of your Google / Android home network. The built-in microphone allows you to search, hands-free. If you prefer to use a different platform, Sony is also supported. Compatibility with Apple AirPlay and Homekit makes integration with the Apple system possible. Support for Amazon Alexa devices also means you can control by voice through your existing Alexa device.

Enjoy Sony Picture Entertainment catalog and new movies with Bravia CORE
Bravia Core smart streaming gives you exclusive access to a wide range of Sony Picture Entertainment titles. Browse the catalog or watch the latest Fresh movies from the cinema on a pay-per-view basis. With much of the content in 4K HDR and some improved IMAX, Bravia CORE offers the best image quality available in any streaming service.

Upgrade your game with the feature-rich HDMI 2.1 interface
With HDMI 2.1 ports, the Sony XR-85z9j includes a number of enhancements to optimize your games. Support for 4K / 120Hz, ALLM (Low Latency Auto Mode) and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate-*ALLM and VRR due later in the year via firmware update) combine to improve resolution, reduce input delay and maximize detail. This means you’ll be faster at seeing enemies lurking in the shadows and faster at reacting when you need to fight.

3-way multi-position support
Supplied with a 3-way multi-position stand, the Sony BRAVIA XR-85Z9J is perfect for all types of installation. Dedicated settings are available for use in a narrow stand (feet positioned closer together), with soundbar (higher and farther away) or in the standard low profile position. A 3-way multi-position stand gives you the choice of a standard setting that focuses you on the picture, narrow setting for smaller shelves and soundbar setting for ideal positioning of your sound system. Photo: Sony

Bring the thrill of real cinema to your home with the Sony BRAVIA XR-85Z9J.

Sony BRAVIA XR-85Z9J TV Specs:

Brand     Sony
Freesat HD    Yes
Apple AirPlay    Yes
HDR    Yes
BBC iPlayer      Yes
Digital Audio Output     Yes – Optical
USB    3
Weight (KG)    61.7/63.4 (Without/With Stand)
Component    No
DLNA Compliant     Yes
Remote Control     Yes
Bluetooth     Yes
Smartphone control     Yes
HDMI 4_HDCP2_2_4
Pixel Resolution      7680 x 4320
Scart Sockets    No
Speakers      Yes
Screen Size (measured diagonally in inches)    85
Motion Processing    XR Motion Clarity
LED Backlight LED – Full Array
Stand     Yes – 3 position
Wall Mount Required VESA – 400 x 400
Local Dimming    Yes – Full Array
Camera   No
Gesture Control    No
Packaging Dimensions    WxHxD 2023 x 1244 x 243
Netflix 4K Streaming    Yes
Maximum Stand Width (mm) 854/1937 (Min/Max)
Panel Bit Depth   10 bit
HDR Format     Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Analogue Tuner    Yes
USB Video Playback     Yes
USB Recording     Yes
Headphone Socket    Yes
Wireless Connection    Yes
Full Web Browser     Yes
Power Consumption – Standby 0.5
ARC – Audio Return Channel Yes – eARC
Touch Screen    No
Voice Activated TV    Yes
Quad Core Processor     Yes
Twin Tuners     Yes
HDMI 2.0 Yes (HDMI 2.1 x 3)
Screen Technology    Led
Screen Resolution    8k
Panel Frequency (Hz) 100Hz/120Hz
Energy –    kWh/1000h 370
Energy –    HDR rating G
Energy –    HDR kWh/1000h 457
Energy –    Label Rating G
Dimensions excluding stand WxHxD (mm) 1907 x 1112 x 81
Dimensions including stand WxHxD (mm) 1937 (or 1907) x 1123 (or 1197) x 484

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