Powerful Subwoofer REL HT1205

Maximize the bass
Reaching notes deep enough to shake the windows, the REL HT1205 subwoofer offers strong success. Powered by a 500w digital amplifier, this REL subwoofer has the power to transform any cinematic or musical experience. It is this success that gives movie soundtracks the suspense ‘seat edge’ and plays the totally addictive feeling of being part of the game.

Although the REL HT1205 goes very deep and strong it does not do so at the expense of the sound quality. As you would expect from this leading subwoofer brand, the HT/1205 uses quality components and a rigid casing to produce low distortion, highly realistic bass. This means that a bass, for example, actually sounds like the real thing, rather than just an approximation of one.REL HT1205

HT-Air optional for wireless connectivity
For wireless connectivity, simply purchase the HT-Air module. Unlike other wireless subwoofers, HT-Air uses a single zero compression system, developed by REL. Using a next-generation chipset, the HT-Air wireless transmitter delivers impeccable signal quality with zero compression. Offering latency (delay) of just 16-20 milliseconds, is far superior to the most common Bluetooth method of wireless connection. Simply put, the bass stays in time with the action.

Elegant style
Although it’s a bit of a monster when it comes to bass, the HT/1205 is easy in the eye. Rounded edges and sleek feet reduce visual volume, making this subwoofer blend in with its interior better than most. The structured black finish has an aluminum look that contrasts with the elegant glossy top plate.REL HT1205-

Fully adjustable
Make sure you get the perfect sound for your room, not too boomy or too light, the HT/1205 features a range of settings. Level control sets the volume, while the Crossover control provides seamless integration with existing speakers. If your room dictates that the subwoofer is placed behind you, simply slide the phase switch and the sub will align properly. If you’re out of sight, use the automatic power feature for hands-free ignition.Photo:REL

Experience the excitement of cinema with the REL HT/1205 subwoofer.

REL HT1205 Specs:

Brand REL
Colour Black
Infinite baffle (sealed) Yes
Auto On/Off Yes
Driver Units 12″ CarbonGlas x 1
Active or Passive active
Crossover Frequency (Hz) 40 – 160
Weight (KG) 17.2
Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 376 x 399 x 405
Power Rating (Watts) 500
Speaker Enclosure Type Infinite Baffle (Sealed)



  1. Bob says

    Is this the H1205, the HT/1205 or the HT/1250 ?
    All three mentioned in this article – how confusing.

    1. D.Fili says

      It is H1205

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