Review: Ultra-slim Keychron K3 keyboard, Connect up to three devices

The Keychron K3 keyboard has a high quality of construction. Its frame is made of aluminum, while there is plastic underneath. Flex a little when pressing a strong button, but this shouldn’t be a big deal during normal use. The keys oscillate slightly, but it is not too noticeable as you type. The ABS keys feel they can easily develop the brightness of the oil over time, and if that gives you the best, you can get a set of PBT keys from the Keychron website. There are no loose parts and the larger keys do not ring. There are four rubber feet underneath and the keyboard does not slip on the desk.
The Keychron K3 is a simple, low-profile keyboard with decent ergonomics. It has no tilt settings. However, you can remove the upper feet and use the stick-on replacement feet instead, which creates a lower tilt, but you won’t be able to easily switch between feet. Also, it doesn’t come with a palmrest, and because it has such a low profile, you may not need it. However, if you prefer a palm rest, Keychron sells a separate wooden one.
The Keychron K3 has complete RGB backlight with individually lit keys. You can scroll through brightness settings and lighting effects using the Fn and function keys. It doesn’t light up enough to make the colors stand out in a well-lit room.Keychron K3 keyboardThe Keychron K3 is excellent for use with mobile devices. It’s great for mobile devices because it has multi-device pairing, is compatible with most operating systems, and is easy to carry. It is good for use in the office thanks to the good writing quality provided by our unit’s Gateron Low Profile Brown switches. It’s decent for programming and gaming as it has a full RGB backlight, but it doesn’t have software to set up any macros.
The Keychron K3 is decent for games. The Gateron Low Profile Brown switches we test are lightweight for pressing and have a low pre-travel distance. It has a full RGB backlight, but there is no dedicated software to reprogram any keys or set macros, so it’s not ideal for games. It doesn’t offer much in terms of ergonomics, but with its low profile, you shouldn’t get tired of using it for long gaming sessions.
The Keychron K3 is good for use in the office. It offers good writing quality and our unit’s Gateron Low Profile Brown switches are quiet, but your experience may vary depending on the switch you get. It is well built and is fully compatible with macOS and Windows. It has decent ergonomics, but does not have an inclined fit or a palm rest.
The Keychron K3 keyboard is outstanding for programming. It has a full RGB backlight and our unit’s Gateron Low Profile Brown switches offer a good typing experience, but you can get it on a variety of switches. It has decent ergonomics, but lacks a rest on the wrist. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with dedicated software to reprogram any key, so you can’t set any macros.Keychron K3 keyboardThe Keychron K3 is great for mobile use. It is very light to carry and its compact size makes it easy to place in a bag. It has a high quality of construction and you shouldn’t worry about damaging it while you’re on the go. It can connect with up to three devices at a time and works with the most common operating systems; only a few function keys don’t work on mobile devices.
The Keychron K3 is very good overall keyboard. It’s a 75% compact keyboard with function and arrow keys and is light enough to take with you. It works well with both macOS and Windows because it has the ability to switch between modes depending on your operating system. It is similar to the Keychron K2, but with low profile switches. It is available with Gateron Low Profile or Keychron Low Profile optical switches and you can choose from a variety of switch types. Switches are also hot replaceable, so you can easily replace them without any welding. It has a full RGB backlight, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have dedicated software to reassign any key. Keychron suggests using third-party software, but we don’t try it for it. The writing quality with the Gateron Low Profile Brown switches we tested is good. Note that it can be difficult to find in retailers, and it’s best to buy this keyboard directly from the Keychron website.

Model K3
Keys 84
Backlight White or RGB backlight options
Layout 75%
Hot-swappable option Yes (Keychron Optical)
Switch type Gateron Mechanical or Keychron Optical
Connectivity Wireless or wired mode
Bluetooth version 5.1
Compatible system Mac/iOS/Windows/Android
Keycaps With keycaps for both Mac and Windows OS
Body material Aluminum frame
Charging Port USB Type-C
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