Roku Ultra 4K HDR Streaming Player-Great picture and sound quality

Roku has launched brand-new products that bring HDR /high dynamic range/ to 4K streaming while maintaining
their simple menu structure. A variety of new models range from the Express player to a new best-of-the-line
player,the Ultra.While both the Premiere+ and the Ultra support 4K and HDR,the Ultra has a few more
functions for those who insist on the finest picture and sound.
It’s proof of how far the streaming player has come from the low-quality picture of its 1st generation.

When you create a Roku account, channels will easily transfer to the Ultra during setup.Right after you signed in on your iPhone’s web browser,it required less than 10 minutes to load 127 programs.During the
sign-in procedure, Roku recommended various channels to include,such as Showtime,the Weather Channel,
MLB, and NHL.Unexpectedly,the next screen offered a one-tap url to your Amazon accounts for Amazon Instant
Video.Many other subscription channels offered a code that can be enter on their sites for
activation, to avoid using the horrible onscreen keyboard for logins.roku player
In fact,you never had to use the onscreen keyboard anyway, since the Roku Mobile Application for iPhone
and Android uses the phone’s keyboard rather.
More than just a remote control,the app can access the Roku channel store to add new channels, and it can
cast media from the phone.The application also contains a “Play on Roku” function to quickly show
pics via the Ultra.In addition to your phone’s gallery, it can access anything you’ve stored in some other photo
applications, such as Instagram, Hydra,PicsArt, Snapseed, and Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile.With a tap,you can
added audio to the slideshow by choosing one of your iTunes playlists.While it was simple to start the
slideshow, you had to switch screens between managing the audio and controlling the slideshow.
The Roku app provides voice search and personal listening via headphones connected to your
phone, but the Ultra’s remote control has its own built-in mic and headphone jack port.4 direct channel
buttons on the remote-Netflix, Sling TV, Hulu, and Showtime-help create a complete streaming experience.
Like the now stopped Roku 4,the Ultra has a remote finder button on top the unit to help to make the remote beep,for those
times when it slips between the couch pillows.
Voice search on the remote finds channels as well as films and TV shows by title,favorite actor, and
so on.Not like some other streaming devices that prefer the company’s own streaming app-think Apple TV
and iTunes, or Fire TV and Amazon Instant Video-the Roku search is agnostic and includes results from
many of channels.

Roku’s Follow function debuted in 2015 to assist keep track of TV shows and movie titles when they become
accessible to stream.While the application and the platform do the job with all the new Roku versions,
the Ultra has a few additional hardware features for ideal performance.To help customers who do not have a fast wi-fi router or simply need the best network connection,Roku brought back an Ethernet port for significantly better streaming
reliability (10/100 Base T, also on the Premiere+ model).And the Ultra has 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi if you do
have a compatible router.roku player
In addition,the Ultra is capable of Dolby Digital Plus;the player’s optical audio output can
connect directly to an A/V device to accommodate complete digital surround sound. When you connected it up,the
sound level of quality from Vudu HDX was clearly remarkable to that from Netflix,
Amazon, and some others.Similarly,the 4K video on Vudu was excellent.

The Ultra has delivered the high-quality performance of 4K HDR to the Roku system.No other streaming player has the search
features,powerful remote app,and simplicity of casting images and music.
It’s true that Follow, agnostic search,and Play on Roku are available on all current Roku types,but if you’ve
stocked your home theater along with a 4K HDR TV, the Ultra is your perfect solution.

Dimensions (WxHxD,Inches): 4.9 x 0.85 x 4.9 • Weight(Ounces): 8 • Features: Quad-core
processor, 802.11ac dual-band Wi-Fi,
Ethernet, USB, microSD, optical audio connections
PRICE: $130