Stereo Amplifier Cambridge Audio AXA35 – great budget buy

Exclusive model of Richer Sounds.

Power up
At 35 watts per channel, the AXA35 is 40% more powerful than the smaller AXA25. This not only means that it is better to fill larger rooms, but also to provide a richer and more dynamic sound at lower volumes.

A step forward in quality
In addition to being more powerful, the AXA35 also improves the quality of internal components, giving better sound details and realism with less distortion. The toroidal power transformer and separate circuit boards for pre/power amplifiers are features that are usually only found in much more expensive amplifiers, making the AXA35 something of a giant hunter.

Comfortable features
Although the Cambridge Audio AXA35 is dedicated to giving the best sound possible, this does not mean that practical features have been left out. On the simplest AXA25, you’ll find the addition of a headphone jack and a system remote control that also works with Cambridge Audio CD players and streamers. The digital display makes it easy to control the operating state of the amplifier.

The entire connected system, including a turntable
With a sound input, the Cambridge AXA35 is the perfect amplifier for a vinyl-based system. But it doesn’t end there. Four RCA phono inputs are ideal for a CD player, streamer, game console and even set-top TV box. There is also a 3.5mm AUX input on the front which is useful for temporary connections, such as an MP3 player or smartphone. The audio output allows you to bring a signal to an external processor or recorder.

Turn on the music player or Bluetooth receiver
There is also a handy USB power outlet next to the audio inputs. This is perfect for powering Bluetooth receivers or smart audio streaming devices, such as the Google Chromecast Audio, without having to find another replacement power outlet.

New elegant style
The entire Cambridge AX series has a new look that catches the eye. Lunar Grey’s front panel contrasts with the top and black sides, making it a sharp focus. The minimalist button count gives you a timeless style typical of the Cambridge Audio brand. The wedge tear profile reflects the CX series, showing a strong family bond between the ranks. Photo:Cambridge Audio

Take your stereo sound to the higher level with the Cambridge Audio AXA35.