Themed app icons & security improvements are part of Android 13

Google’s well-known mobile operating system, Android 13, has just been updated with new capabilities for developers, including themed app icons, per-app language choices, and improved text support. New privacy and security features are also included in the release.
Users have the option to enable app icons that take on the color of their wallpaper and other theme selections thanks to Android 13’s extension of the Material You dynamic color to all app icons. App developers must provide a monochromatic app icon and make changes to the adaptive icon XML in order for apps to use this feature.

A more polished experience is made accessible by text and language improvements included in Android 13, with features like quicker hyphenation, improved line heights for scripts other than Latin, and improved text wrapping for Japanese. With the use of new text conversion APIs, searches and autocompletion for languages like Chinese and Japanese that use phonetic lettering are sped up.

Android 13
photo: Pixabay

Other improvements and new features in Android 13 include:

Core libraries are now compatible with Java’s OpenJDK 11 LTS release.
The “ahead-of-time” concept, made possible by new APIs, allows apps to notify the system in advance of how they will handle back button and gesture events. The predictive back gesture will make it possible for users to get previews that will help them avoid unanticipated actions like unexpectedly shutting an app.
Users can share both local and cloud-based photographs using a standard, privacy-protecting approach provided by the system photo picker. Apps can access shared media files with the supplied APIs.
Access to particular media file types, such as pictures, videos, or audio, is now made possible through new granular media permissions. The READ EXTERNAL STORAGE privilege is replaced by these.

The ART runtime has been updated to increase overall program performance and effectiveness.
An upcoming Google Play system update will bring ART on Android 13 devices a new garbage collector based on the Linux kernel feature userfaultfd, which will enhance garbage collection. The new collector prevents jank during GC operations, prolongs battery life, and shields apps from low-memory kills.
To control a device’s connections to adjacent access points, a nearby Wi-Fi devices permission for apps is added.
Users will find it easier to focus on the alerts they view as being most crucial with the use of a notification runtime’s authorization capabilities.
Apps can guide the user to add a unique Quick Settings tile in one step without leaving the app thanks to a tile placement API.

RuntimeShader objects with programmability are presented.
The addition of rendering functionality for COLR version 1 fonts.
With the addition of a standard “App Language” Settings panel and a new platform API, support for multilingual users has been improved.


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