Top 3-The best 4K TVs for gaming

While 4K is your TV’s resolution, High Dynamic Range is the contrast it’s capable of. Think deep blacks and dazzling whites.-The time a TV takes to respond to your console’s instructions. The more powerful a set is, the quicker it can update its pixels.–A measurement of light output, not those pesky hair-crawlers. Most UHD Premium TVs are at least 1000 nits bright.              You want a 10-bit depth, which means your TV can reproduce 1024 shades for every primary colour.

Samsung UE55KS7000 

If you’ve thought about getting a 4K telly, then you’ve no doubt had a look at Samsung’s KS7000 series. These TVs are the cheapest you can buy that come with the all-important UHD Premium seal of approval for HDR, 10-bit colour depth and loads more good stuff. Better still, their picture quality is stuffed full of clarity and detail. Playing The Last of Us on one of these things is absolutely sensational. More expensive TVs will give you an even better viewing experience but, for the price, it’s hard to knock Samsung’s entry-level 4K set.

Samsung UE55


We love LG’s OLED TVs, but they’re expensive. But…really, really expensive. So sell a kidney and you’ll have yourself a sensational gaming setup. What makes OLED so special? Contrast. There’s no muddiness when dark and bright colours interact. The thought of playing Resident Evil 7 in 4K and HDR on this thing is enough to give us heart palpitations. Anything lurking in the shadows is guaranteed to have us leaping out of our skin.LG OLED55B6V

Panasonic TX-40DX600B

Even though 4K TV prices have dropped considerably in the last year, these screens still don’t come cheap… unless you settle for this Panasonic. At just 40 inches in size, the TX-40DX600B won’t give you the full impact of UHD, and it doesn’t support HDR either. But if those shortcomings aren’t deal-breakers or you’re actively looking for a smaller set, then this is the one to get. Whether you’re playing the vibrant Ratchet & Clank or enthralled in the murky world of Shadow of Mordor, colours are pretty much spot-on.Panasonic TX-40DX600B

Samsung , Panasonic , LG