True 360° sound: Bose – SoundLink® Revolve+ Portable Bluetooth® speaker

The Bose SoundLink Revolve+ enters the market not only as Bose’s best bluetooth speaker, but also as the first true omnidirectional speaker in its product category. With a powerful 360° sound, long battery life and a great-looking design, the Bose SoundLink Revolve is an extremely complete product that deserves the praise you received.Bose - SoundLink® Revolve+ Portable Bluetooth®

SOUND QUALITY: Every time I hear the Revolve+, I’m impressed. The bass is solid, powerful and deep, so that any surface on which it is positioned vibrates. The mid-range is incredibly natural; voices and orchestras sound vivid and realistic. The trebles are not perfect, but given the limitations of the speaker’s cylindrical design, it is still quite detailed and sharp.
The speaker sounds better around 50-60% volume, where it has the highest musical balance between bass, average and higher frequencies. The Bose SoundLink Revolve+ is really shocking. It can easily fill small and medium-sized rooms, and it’s strong enough to fill almost an indoor basketball court with music, even with 30 people or so playing basketball. At maximum volume, the Revolve+ still works impressively, but if you end up getting your hands one, I suggest you avoid the last two volume notches on your device, because they barely increase the volume, and the low and high notes become less defined. But apart from that, the Revolve is really amazing. I can’t even say how many people have congratulated the speaker on how good he is.Bose - SoundLink® Revolve+ Portable Bluetooth®

The Revolve+ is well designed. It looks industrial and ingenious, and fits very well in any environment. The aluminum body is solid rock (but it’s soft in texture like felt), and the buttons are nice, too. Touch-soft rubber bumpers provide protection against drop, and water resistance is also very reassuring. In the last month, I’ve taken the Revolve with me everywhere: to classes, to the gym, to walks, and the aluminum body doesn’t have a single scratch. The built-in handle and tripod support are also great inclusions. When using the Revolve+ to listen personally, I noticed that it sounds better mounted on a tripod, as it eliminates the reflections to be placed on a surface.

The speaker connects to the devices very quickly, and the bluetooth range is average: about 50 feet unhindered, and the range decreases if the signal has to travel through walls or doors. The ability to pair two devices at the same time and the ability to activate the speaker remotely via the Bose Connect app are two big touches.
The battery life is impressive. At an average volume, the Revolve was played just over 24 hours, so the Revolve+ tm actually exceeds its advertised battery life. There was no way to check how long the maximum volume would last, but I would estimate that it could last about six hours. Unless it is rarely necessary to fly the speaker close to the maximum volume, the battery will easily last long enough to stretch one to two weeks.Bose - SoundLink® Revolve+ Portable Bluetooth®bb

True 360° sound for uniform and even coverage.

Seamless aluminum body is durable and waterproof (IPX4).

Pair two speakers for stereo playback or party mode.

With Bose SimpleSync technology™, listen to the same music in different rooms by grouping a Bose Home speaker with a Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker and play both in perfect synchrony.

Bose Smart Home Compatible Speakers are Home Speaker 500, Home Speaker 300, and Portable Home Speaker. Bose Soundlink compatible speakers are Soundlink Revolve, Revolve, Mini, Mini II, Color, Color II and Micro.

Enjoy up to 12 hours of play with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Wireless Bluetooth pairing with voice prompts.

Receive calls and access Siri or Google Now™ directly from your speaker.

Easily manage Bluetooth connections, unlock features, and access future updates with the Bose app® Connect.

NFC association for easy connectivity to NFC-enabled devices.

Optional charging base available. Photo.Bose

Siri is a trademark registered by Apple Inc., registered in the United States and other countries.

The word trademark ® Bluetooth is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Google Now is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.


  • Speaker:7.25″ H x 4.13″ W x 4.13″ D (2 lbs)

Inputs and outputs

  • 3.5 mm auxiliary input
  • Micro-B USB port

Additional details

  • Wireless range up to 30 ft (9 m)
  • Battery life up to 16 hours


  • SoundLink Revolve+ speaker
  • USB power supply
  • USB cable
  • AC power adapters
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