Turbo engines on the Nissan Qashqai – 1,2 or 1,6 Turbo ?

If you wanted a raised driving position to see the world around you, you had to buy an SUV. If you needed space, you had a choice of a station wagon or people mover. And for a bit of driving fun, you had to find yourself a hot hatch.
But Nissan changed all that with the creation of the fi rst-generation Qashqai. With this single model, you had a commanding driving position with good visibility, the driving dynamics of a hatch and more space than you thought possible in a compact body.


This unique design concept forced the world to create a new description and the term “crossover” was born. Today, many other car manufacturers offer crossovers,but with the successful Qashqai, Juke and X-Trail, Nissan remains the market leader.
For its next act, Nissan directed its attention to its range of engines and asked the same question: can you have it all?Nissan engineers found solutions for the old belief that power and fuel consumption are a trade-off, which means that if you wanted a car with power and drive ability,you had to sacrifice good fuel consumption.
Answer?The 1,2 Turbo and 1,6 Turbo petrol engines available in the Qashqai. These next-generation power-trains use advanced engine-management software and an adaptable turbocharger to deliver levels
of engine power previously only associated with much larger engines.
Consider the 1,2 Turbo that develops a stout 85 kW and 190 Nm of torque available from a mere 2 000 r/min. This puts older,non-turbo 1,6-litre petrol engines to shame.
In the same fashion, the 1,6 Turbo petrol engine has 120 kW and 240 Nm of torque, which is more power than what older generation 2,0-litre engines delivered.With so much engine power available at any speed, the Qashqai is a treat to drive.
The adaptable turbo means that your Qashqai has enough power at low speeds to make stop-and-start traffic a breeze,while the engine delivers some of its best performance at highway speeds.

The real magic is that these smaller turbocharged engines use less fuel than older, larger engines. With the boost from the turbo and clever engine design, both the 1,2 Turbo and 1,6 Turbo use an average of only 6,2 L/100 km in a combined usage cycle.And there’s another low figure to keep in mind. The 1,2 Turbo Qashqai is competitively priced.But the innovation does not stop there.Nissan’s engineers added another feature
to these next-generation Turbo engines:reliability. With intelligent engineering
solutions such as special motor oils and service-free timing chains, the new Turbo
engines in the Qashqai are as frugal with service costs as they are with fuel.
So why not visit Nissan to read more about the impressive Turbo engines on the Qashqai, or visit your nearest Nissan dealership and test drive the 1,2 Turbo or 1,6 Turbo models?