Ultimate tips which will help you lock or locate your smartphone back

These are some of the ultimate tips that will help you Block or locate the phone again, no matter if it’s Android
or IoS device.

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Use auto-Lock and password
Each device has some kind of lock or password Mechanism. But many people just don’t use these Functions, leaving your contacts, text messages, e-mails,and social network accounts open to any Your phone.
Use an application ‘ find my phone ‘

For Android phone-to set this application on a mobile phone that runs Android 2.2 or later, FND Android Device Manager in Google settings, which is typically an icon in your Desktop with the letter “G ” and a running symbol next to is. If necessary, use the phone search function to For “Google Settings “. To locate a lost phone, use a PC to access Android Device Manager in the The browser’s address bar.
For iphone-Download and install Find My iphone from the ITunes App Store, then sign up with your
ITunes account. To track down a lost phone,Use a computer to access Find My IPhone.For Windows Phonefind the Find my phone
APP in the main configuration Menu. To find a missing phone, use a computer To access your Microsoft account Logon screen.

Do not save passwords in your browser
When you visit password-protected websites, take the Time to write the password. If not, a thief might
Access confidential information by simply unlocking the Phone. It may seem boring to enter your password
Every time, but the extra effort could help protect Your identity.
After the phone is gone
Change important passwords: As soon as you realize that your phone is no longer in your possession
And not quickly retrievable, go to the nearest safe computer, log on to each account you had in your
Telephone (banking, purchases, e-mails, etc.) and change Passwords.
Call your institutions
Inform your banks and credit card companies you lost your phone to warn them of possible frauds
Expenses. The sooner you know, the easier it will be disputes the activities of the unauthorized account.
Report the robbery immediately
If the phone has been stolen, alert the carrier as soon as
Possible so that the phone can be deactivated. that the police I know though it’s unlikely the phone will recover. Is it helps the authorities follow the patterns of the crime. And if find a Phone, give it to law enforcement. May be possible track a phone to its owner.

Tell the insurance company if the phone is covered
If your phone is covered by the insurance policy, immediately inform the insurance company that is following the
Procedures for launching important documents such as the FIR copy,report disconnected from your telecom operator. To be help you get hassle-free amount insured of your Device as soon as possible.

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