Windows 10 – Lock up your folder – How?

This post points out how to lock a folder in Windows 10 by using the built-in encryption tool or a password proper protection technique.

How Do I Lock a Particular Folder?
Windows has an encryption method to stop other users from starting your data files but install a more tougher third-party tool for better level of privacy.

While there are more than one solution, the most effective does not require any third-party applications. Windows 10 has this option built-in.

Lock up your folder - How
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-Right-click the folder you intend to lock, and pick Properties.

-Select Advanced at the bottom part of the General tab.

-Check the box next to Encrypt contents to protected data.

-Select OK, and then OK once again on the Properties window to save.

Windows will prompt you to back up your file encryption key to avoid permanently losing access to your encrypted data files. You can follow those tips or dismiss them.

-Select Back up now (highly recommended) if you followed the notification to back it up.

-Begin the Certificate Export Wizard by choosing Next on the primary screen.

-Continue to keep the defaults selected, and then press Next again.

-Choose the box next to Password to enable the password, and fill out the text fields below. Select Next.

-Select where to save the PFX file, and give it a title.

-Select Next to review the info you provided and select Finish to finished the export.

-Choose OK on the successful export prompt. If you at any time need to have to use this certificate, simply open it from exactly where you saved it in step 9, and follow the on-screen requests.


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