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Windows phone applications that you must have


It is not a substitute, but one of the best YouTube application. Personally, I give it an advantage over the original for Android. It has additional features such as fast-moving video anywhere on the screen when the phone is held horizontally (instead of search pointer), tiling favorite list and the channel to the desktop, search comments and other videos during playback. The last option starts moving sideways, which is a video rate with the background and can comfortably continue working. Trial version limits viewing to one hour for a period of three hours. Let us mention that the application several times been possible free of charge upgrade to the full version.

windowsphone-apps__Nextgen reader

RSS reader for those who want news in one place. Fast, viewed, saving time, allows you to save the news for later viewing. With a wealth of options is not surprising that it classified as number one. It also supports adding feedly and other accounts, and more recently the storing news directly into OneNote. Unfortunately, he did not free, but occasionally share a part of short-term promotion. The same name version is also available for Windows 8, which means if you have a mobile, you can download without paying and the desktop version (prerequisite is the use of same Microsoft account).

Office Lens (free)

The real addition for business users, school children and students, which is compatible with the original Office application. First you select (board, document files) and then take a picture of the desired content. After a few seconds, the application will cut the image itself, remove a shadow, glow, fix color and offer the following: cut, repeat, modify the mode and save. Saving goes into OneNote and optionally as a Word or PowerPoint document in OneDrive. A real pocket scanner!

UC Browser (free)

If you are bored with Internet Explorer, try the free UC Browser. Why? Fast, reliable, great looking and with interesting features. Home page is a copy of the interface system because it contains the tiles whose size is adjustable. Includes integrated scanner QR codes. The application is left open in the background if you close it in the following way: home page> double selection of the “back”.

Nokia Camera (free)

Have a good camera on the smartphone today is not a problem, but a good application with a simple interface still is. Personal number one among all mobile photo applications overwhelmed exactly Nokia Camera, which will in a few weeks will be renamed into Lumia Camera and equipped with new features. With brief instructions and examples, we can all make a very good shot. One of the features is the use of smart sequence (Smart sequence) that cell phone in a short time (<2 seconds) made a dozen pictures. After that we can choose the best one, delete an object that happened to be in the picture, change the faces of (the environment stays the same), to make the action photo and change focus.

OneDrive (free)

When registering you get the initial 15 GB of space. Ease sharing of documents is an important segment that replaces usually send. Microsoft has increased the maximum size of individual files, which now amounts to 10 Gb, which is the struggle for users of cloud services further intensified. An interesting option is the “recycle bin” that can restore previously deleted items. Certainly the most complete application of the area.

All Windows phone applications you can find here.

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