Yamaha NS-AW150 Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Looking for speakers that can withstand the elements and deliver quality sound both indoors and outdoors? Check out Yamaha NS-AW150 All-Weather Speakers, designed with a sealed enclosure, 5″ woofer, and 1/2″ dome tweeter for clear, accurate sound.

If you’re looking for a set of speakers that can withstand the elements, the Yamaha NS-AW150 All-weather indoor/outdoor speakers are an excellent choice. These speakers have an all-weather design that allows them to stand up to rain, sun, and extreme temperatures.

One of the key features of these speakers is their acoustic suspension (sealed) enclosure. This design helps to prevent distortion and produces a clean, clear sound. The 5″ woofer and 1/2″ dome tweeter provide a frequency response of 55-40,000 Hz, and the sensitivity of 85 dB makes them an efficient choice.

Yamaha NS-AW150 indooroutdoor speakers
Yamaha NS-AW150 indoor/outdoor speakers – photo Yamaha

The NS-AW150 speakers have a 6-ohm impedance and can handle up to 35 watts of power. Each speaker has a built-in stand for easy placement on a table or shelf, and wall-mounting brackets are included for vertical or horizontal mounting.

The 5-way binding post speaker wire connectors make it easy to connect your speakers to your amplifier or receiver. With dimensions of 6-3/16″W x 10-1/8″H x 6-1/16″D and a weight of 3.7 lbs. each, these speakers are compact and lightweight.

While the Yamaha NS-AW150 indoor/outdoor speakers are a solid choice for those in need of all-weather speakers, there are a few potential downsides to consider:

  • Limited power handling: With a maximum power handling of 35 watts, these speakers may not be ideal for those looking to play music at high volumes.
  • Average sound quality: While the acoustic suspension enclosure helps to reduce distortion, some users may find that the overall sound quality of these speakers is average compared to other speakers in the same price range.
  • Bass response: Due to the small size of the woofer, these speakers may not deliver deep bass notes as well as larger speakers.
  • Limited placement options: While the built-in stands and included wall-mounting brackets provide some flexibility, the options for placing these speakers may be limited due to their size and shape.

Here are some pros of the Yamaha NS-AW150 indoor/outdoor speakers:

  • All-weather design: The NS-AW150 speakers are built to withstand the elements, making them a great choice for use both indoors and outdoors.
  • Compact size: With dimensions of 6-3/16″W x 10-1/8″H x 6-1/16″D and a weight of 3.7 lbs. each, these speakers are compact and easy to place in a variety of locations.

    Yamaha NS-AW150 speakers
    Yamaha NS-AW150 speakers
  • Easy installation: The built-in stands and included wall-mounting brackets make it easy to install these speakers in a variety of orientations and locations.
  • Clear sound: The acoustic suspension enclosure and 5″ woofer and 1/2″ dome tweeter provide clear, accurate sound with minimal distortion.
  • Efficient: With a sensitivity of 85 dB, these speakers are efficient and can produce good sound quality even with lower-powered amplifiers.
  • Affordable: These speakers are relatively affordable compared to other all-weather speakers in their class, making them a great option for those on a budget. / $119.95 pair /

When hosting a gathering at your home, it’s important to make the most of your available space. The Yamaha NS-AW150 speakers provide an all-weather solution that can help. With built-in feet, you can easily place them on a table or shelf, or use the included bracket to mount them horizontally or vertically on the wall.

These speakers are designed to withstand the elements, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Not only do they offer great durability, but they also produce excellent sound quality, allowing you to enjoy your music both inside and outside your home. Each speaker features a 5″ woofer and a 1/2″ dome tweeter, providing a full range of sound that includes both deep bass and crystal-clear high notes.

The Yamaha NS-AW150 outdoor speakers come with a standard 2-year warranty, which is typical for speakers in this price range. The design of the speakers is also standard, with sealed polypropylene woofers that are suitable for outdoor use. Some users have reported rust on the grill, which is a common issue with lower-tier outdoor speakers. However, if you are concerned about the appearance of rust stains, you may want to consider the black version of these speakers.

Despite the rust issue, the Yamaha NS-AW150 outdoor speakers are still a great value for their specifications. They are one of our favorite outdoor speakers in their price range, and they even come with the required speaker wire included, which is a rare and convenient feature. If you are looking for affordable speakers that offer good sound quality and all-inclusive features, the NS-AW150 speakers are a great choice.

Yamaha NS-AW150 speakers specs:

Yamaha NS-AW150
Recommended Usage Indoor / Outdoor Front / Surround Speakers
Type Accoustic Suspension Design
Woofers 5″ High Compliance
Tweeters 1/2″ PEI Dome
Magnetic Shielding Yes
Frequency Response 55 Hz – 40 kHz
Sensitivity 85 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m
Input Power (Maximum / Nominal) 120 W / 35 W
Impedance 6 Ohms
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