4 Easy to use free Software for home design-reviews and downloads

4 Easy to use free Software for home design-reviews and downloads

4 great free software for those who wish to create virtual interior design top-quality images.

1-Sweet Home 3D version:5.2

Sweet Home 3D is an excellent solution for all those that daydream about redesigning their home.

Photo:Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D offers more than 50 different pieces of furniture, ranging from beds to lamps and desks tables, but you can import even more from the developer’s website. To create your rooms, all you need to do is drag and drop elements into the grid view and you’ll see them building up 3D in the viewing screen below. Once you’ve done this, use the virtual visit tool to get a 3D preview of what it looks like and talk a walk around.
Sweet Home 3D is a very useful software and it’s easy to use.
You may download Sweet Home 3D to install it on your PC
or use it online within your browser.Download Sweet Home 3D here  

2-IKEA Home Planner software

With software IKEA Home Planner, you can easily decorate a new home or rearrange your new IKEA furniture in any room.
With IKEA Home Planner you can plan furniture distribution on your new home before actually moving into it, or redecorate any room in your house with your favorite pieces of IKEA furniture. The program doesn’t include the complete IKEA catalog, but it helps you get an idea of how the new decoration will look like – without having to move heavy tables and shelves around.Rearrange and try different styles until you’re satisfied with the result. View it in 3-D and print with all the measurements, just like an architect. See how much it will cost and get the list of all products.IKEA Home Planner is very easy to use. You can switch between top perspective or a 3D render view, and also build the room itself before starting to add furniture.The program shows highly-detailed information about each item you add, including measurements, and all


available colors. One big drawback, however, is the fact that the program doesn’t include furniture for the living room.
System requirements:
1 gigahertz (GHz) equivalent or faster
32MB Graphic card
1024 x 768 Display resolution
Broadband Internet connection
Mac Browsers:
– Safari 5.0.3 or higher
– Firefox 3.5.7 or higher
– Internet Explore 8.0.3 or higher
Windows Browsers:
– Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher
– Firefox 3.5.7 or higher
– Google Chrome 13.0, beta version
Download IKEA Home Planner here 

3-Planner 5D software-Home & Interior Design

Planner 5D is a great software for those who wish to create intricate virtual interior design images. As this program is absolutely free, it is a welcome alternative to costly and more complicated software platforms.You can choose from over 150 preselected interior design themes. The size and texture of these items can also be changed in order to meet certain specifications.One interesting benefit of Planner 5D is that the designs do not have to be built from scratch. The program contains a comprehensive built-in catalogue which provides different items to choose from

Photo:Planner 5D

such as upholstery and furniture. It is possible to view any designs from both two- and three-dimensional perspectives.Download Planner 5D here

4-PCon Planner

PCon Planner software is one of the most professional.The native DWG format allows users the flexibility to open files and work in this file format which is one of the most common ones for this type of activities. Users can also start the project by using a scanned floor plan or by creating the architectural space using a range of powerful commands (walls, doors etc.)The application allows you to create high quality renders and animations.
pCon.planner is a 3d room planning software tool,and also,you don’t have to be an expert to generate impressive renderings – with this software, even beginners can produce top-quality images.What to say,really good choice-PCon Planner.Download this free software here

Photo:PCon Planner


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