Amazing picture quality – 2020 Samsung Q90T QLED

The Samsung Q90T QLED is an excellent TV that comes with almost all the features imaginable to provide amazing image quality and viewing experience. Its simple and elegant design easily fits any room, and the TV works just as well in dark or bright environments. Movement management is excellent due to its incredibly fast response time, and players should be satisfied with its exceptionally low entry delay and FreeSync support. HDR content comes with bright colors and bright reflections, and also works on the great Tizen operating system. Some small uniformity issues can disappoint sports fans, but overall, it’s a TV that should suit you the most, regardless of the content you watch.Samsung Q90T QLED

The Q90T is an excellent TV for most uses. Almost all types of content look good on this TV, whether it’s a low-resolution cable TV show or a 4k HDR movie. It has a quick response time and a low input delay and also comes with FreeSync support to reduce screen tear while playing. However, there is a bit of a dirty screen effect, which can be a bit distracted when watching sports.

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The Q90T is a great TV for watching sports. The TV has an incredibly fast response time and optional black frame insertion feature, so there’s little blurring in fast-moving scenes. It can be very bright to combat glare, has exceptional handling of reflection, and its decent viewing angles are ideal for watching a game with friends and family. Unfortunately, there is some dirty screen effect, which is quite disappointing.Samsung Q90T QLED-

The Q90T is an outstanding TV for HDR games. In addition to the exceptional response time and low input delay, this TV is able to offer an excellent HDR experience with its wide range of colors and high maximum brightness. It’s a great choice for darkroom games, as it has a high contrast ratio that is driven by a full-range local attenuation, and its black uniformity is also good, albeit with some small blooms here and there.

The Samsung Q90T QLED is an exceptional TV to use as a PC monitor. It has an incredibly low input delay to provide a responsive desktop experience and has a fast response time. Chroma 4:4:4 is displayed correctly, which is ideal for text clarity and there is no risk of permanent burning with static content, such as a desktop UI. photo:Samsung

Product Type
• Direct Full Array 20X
• Quantum HDR 16X
• Quantum Processor 4K
• 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot3
• 4K UHD
• Real Game Enhancer+™
• Motion Rate 240
• Ultra Viewing Angle
• Adaptive Picture™
• Boundless Design
• Titan Black Bending Plate Stand
Smart Features
• Smart TV Powered by Tizen
• Universal Guide
• Ambient Mode+™ 4
• Multiple Voice Assistants5
• TV Plus
• Mobile View
• Samsung OneRemote
• SmartThings Compatible
• 4 HDMI Connections⁶
• HDMI 2.1 Port 4
• eARC Port 3
• 2 USB Connections
• LAN Port
• 802.11AC built-in Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth®
• RS232 Control (Ex-Link)
• IP Control Support⁷
• Optical Audio Output Port
• Object Tracking Sound™
• Q-Symphony
• Active Voice Amplifi er
• Dolby® Digital Plus
• 60 Watt 4.2.2 Channel
Included Accessories
• Samsung OneRemote
Industry Certifications
• CTA 4K Ultra HD Connected
• HDR10+

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