Corsair RM1200x SHIFT PSU – convenient side cable management

The Corsair RM1200x SHIFT PSU brings a refreshing change to cable management with its innovative side-mounted modular bay design. This series introduces the “Shift” suffix, highlighting the relocation of the modular connector panel from the back to the side, allowing easy access to cables and connectors, particularly in wide chassis setups. It’s important to note that compatibility with all cases may vary, but this design enhancement encourages chassis manufacturers to adapt.

The RMx SHIFT series excels in supporting PC building and upgrading, adhering to ATX 3.0 standards, and offering a ten-year warranty. With fully modular micro-fit connectors and Japanese 105°C-rated electrolytic capacitors, reliability and durability are assured. The 140mm fluid dynamic bearing fan ensures silent operation, especially in Zero RPM mode, during low and medium loads.

Corsair RM1200X Shift
Corsair RM1200X Shift – images: Corsair 

The Corsair RM1200x SHIFT PSU stands out with its unique side-mounted modular bay design, although opinions on this innovation vary. The PSU performs admirably, maintaining industry-standard efficiency levels. Noise output is low, thanks to the switch to an FDB fan in the RMx units. The series features build quality to last beyond the extensive warranty, utilizing high-quality Japanese capacitors.

Efficiency is optimal at half of the maximum load rating, achieving 92% efficiency at 230 Volts. The PSU is ideal for gaming setups with high-end graphics cards, consuming around 350 to 400 watts during intense gaming. While efficiency ratings range from Bronze to Platinum, the differences are small and have minimal impact on energy consumption and bills.

The RMx SHIFT series PSU is stable, with no complaints about voltage drops at half load. Some ripple tests suggest room for improvement, but overall, the product is expected to perform well. Aesthetically, the series boasts a captivating design, combining style and functionality. The modular design allows customizable cable management, keeping the system interior clean and organized.

As the Corsair RMx SHIFT series gains traction, its impact on the PSU market begins to resonate with users who appreciate the benefits of its side-mounted modular bay design. The ability to access connectors easily has simplified the process of system maintenance and upgrades, especially for enthusiasts who value clean and organized interiors. This innovative approach, while limited by case compatibility, sends a clear signal to chassis manufacturers to adapt to this new trend, potentially leading to a broader range of compatible cases in the future.

The performance aspect of the RMx SHIFT series, coupled with its focus on efficiency, ensures that it meets the demands of modern gaming and high-performance computing. The shift to an FDB fan has improved noise levels during typical operation, offering a quiet computing experience. The high-quality Japanese capacitors and the extended ten-year warranty highlight Corsair’s commitment to reliability, reassuring users of a long-lasting and stable power supply solution.Corsair RM1200X Shift

Efficiency, as a critical factor for power supplies, aligns with the industry standards, and the RMx SHIFT series doesn’t disappoint in this regard. While the differences between efficiency ratings (Bronze to Platinum) are relatively small, the series strives to achieve an optimal balance, especially in the 350-400 watt range that caters to gaming PCs with demanding graphics cards. Users can appreciate the long-term cost savings on their electricity bills thanks to this focus on efficiency.

The aesthetics of the RMx SHIFT series further enhance its appeal. Its sleek and visually captivating design, with dark accents and black sleeved cables, provides a clean and elegant look that complements modern gaming rigs and high-end setups. The modular design not only aids in cable management but also adds a touch of customization for those who prefer a tailored interior layout.  Corsair RM1200x SHIFT PSU 80 PLUS Gold Fully Modular price: $269.99

The journey of the Corsair RMx SHIFT series is marked by innovation and practicality. It addresses challenges and sparks conversations about the future direction of PSU design. Corsair has introduced a functional change that benefits users with ample PC chassis space, but it’s also an encouragement for the industry to evolve. This series has opened the door to new possibilities, and as the PSU market evolves, we can expect further refinements and adaptations that cater to a wider range of cases, offering the convenience of the side-mounted modular bay to an even broader audience. Whether this concept becomes a staple or evolves into something even more revolutionary, the RMx SHIFT series has undoubtedly left its mark on the world of power supply units.

Corsair RM1200X Shift

Specification: Corsair RM1200x SHIFT PSU
ATX Connector 1
ATX12V Version 3.0
Cable Type Type 5
Continuous Power W 1200 Watt
EPS Connector 2
Fan Bearing Technology FDB
Fan Size (mm) 140mm
MTBF (Hours) 100,000 hours
SATA Connector 16
PATA Connector 8
Modern Standby Yes
PCIe Connector 8
80 PLUS Efficiency Gold
Weight (lbs) 3.9
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