Dell XPS 13 Rose Gold Ultrabook-beautiful,extra battery life,fantastic CPU…

Dell XPS 13 ultrabook-High quality.Elegant.Lightweight.It’s Dell’s most recent incarnation of the much-loved XPS
series, and they have handled to create it even more attractive.
This 13-inch Ultrabook isn’t quite as slight as the competition,with a optimum width
of 15mm, making it a tiny bit tubbier than the competition on the rear edge.However,this new Infinity Edge display is generally borderless, making the screen look much larger
than it really is.There’s a tiny 2mm or so area of black around the viewable display,but we really like the almost edge-less look.
This model came with the amazingly crisp 3200 x 1800 resolution display,
and it has been built using IGZO IPS technology,giving great brightness, colour clarity and viewing angles.
Thanks to the slightly wealthier proportions,Dell has been able to deck out this Ultrabook with more than a single
USB 3.0 Type-C connection.On the right is a USB 3.0 Type-A input,along with an
SD card reader. The left side gives you another identical USB connection, along
with a USD 3.0 Type-C-Thunderbolt 3 connection. There’s a power adaptor as
well, but it can evidently be charged over USB 3.0 as well.Lastly,we have a
headphone jack port for all those moments when you want top quality sound.dellXPSRoseGold

If the exterior has fascinated, just wait until you discover what Dell has packed inside.This review model came with the brand new 7th generation Intel Core i7-7500 CPU.This twin-core CPU provides Hyper Threading and a top speed of 3.5GHz,yet
only needs a top TDP of a mere 25W, thanks to its use of Intel’s fresh Kaby Lake architecture.
This system additionally came with 8GB of DDR4 memory,along with a single 256GB SSD.Clearly,it’s a PCIe SSD packing
the latest NVMe technology, but workable space is limited to 225GB once you’ve installed Windows.Fortunately,the Killer
1535 802.11ac Wi-Fi will assist you synch to the cloud fast, but many of us wish it had a 3×3 antenna configuration rather of the 2×2 included in this model.

This mixture of components powered this ultrabook to an outstanding 3085 in this PCMark 8 Home accelerated
tests,a reliable 20% improvement over our favorite Razer Blade Stealth.On the other hand, the Dell XPS 13 is a significant $500 orso more expensive, so that 20% extra performance absolutely comes at a cost.Dell XPS  Rose Gold
On the other hand,when it comes to battery life,the Dell XPS 13 is a champion.We calculated a whopping 258 minutes during the PCMark 8 Home battery test,giving this true all-day performance provided you’re not
doing heavy 3D or video editing and enhancing.There is no denying how beautiful Dell’s latest XPS is,but you do pay a marked extra for the extremely efficient CPU inside.
Yet,that extra battery life will certainly be all that many care about, as the hunt for a power
level gets a ghost of the past.

Intel 7th Generation Core i7-7500 – 8GB memory – 256GB
SSD – 13.3-inch QHD+ with Touch