Discover the Toshiba 65UF3D53DB with Fire TV and Sound by Onkyo

The Toshiba 65UF3D53DB is a 65″ LED TV with 4K Ultra HD resolution and a Quad Core Processor. It offers a range of smart features, including a full web browser and Netflix 4K streaming, and works with Amazon Alexa and smartphone control. Other notable features include Freeview Play, voice-activated TV, and Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG HDR formats.

Toshiba 65UF3D53DB
Toshiba 65UF3D53DB

One of the biggest advantages of this TV is its picture quality, thanks to its LED backlight and direct LED technology. The 2100 TPQ motion processing also ensures smooth and clear picture quality. The TV is also DLNA compliant, making it easy to share content between devices.

The TV’s smart features are also a highlight, with easy access to streaming services like Netflix and a full web browser. The inclusion of Amazon Alexa and smartphone control is also convenient for users who prefer voice-activated or mobile control. The 4K upscaling and USB recording features are also beneficial for users who want to enhance or save their viewing experience.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this TV. The 50Hz panel frequency may result in some motion blur and may not be as smooth as higher-frequency panels. The TV’s warranty is also limited to one year, which may not provide sufficient peace of mind for some users. Additionally, the TV only has two USB ports, which may limit connectivity options for some users.

The Toshiba 65UF3D53DB offers top-of-the-line Smarts and sound, powered by Fire TV and Onkyo. With Toshiba’s TRU Picture Engine and 4K UHD Upscaler, the TV delivers UHD 4K resolution with exceptional clarity. The Dolby Vision HDR format optimizes the image quality, providing the sharpest and most accurate visuals possible. The TV also supports HDR10 and HLG, which are widely used for UHD gaming consoles and transmitting 4K signals.

Toshiba 65UF3D53DB specs
Toshiba 65UF3D53DB – photo source Toshiba

In terms of sound, the TV features a built-in subwoofer and receives an upgrade from audio experts, Onkyo. The Onkyo-tuned sound system offers a more lifelike performance with enhanced detail. Additionally, the larger 65″ screen size and higher power output give an extra boost to the TV’s built-in audio.

While a separate soundbar is always recommended for the best sound quality, the Toshiba 65UF3D53DB offers an impressive audio experience. The TV’s picture quality is also outstanding, thanks to its advanced TRU Picture technology and Dolby Vision support. The onboard 4K UHD Upscaler is particularly noteworthy, as it allows standard content to be upscaled for a superior viewing experience. Toshiba’s TRU Picture Technology is an advanced picture processing system that optimizes picture quality by analyzing and enhancing every frame of video. It is specifically designed to deliver sharper, more detailed images with vivid colors and deeper contrast levels. TRU Picture Technology is at the heart of the Toshiba 65UF3D53DB’s UHD 4K resolution, which provides an immersive viewing experience that brings your movies, TV shows, and other content to life. The onboard 4K UHD Upscaler in the Toshiba 65UF3D53DB also uses this technology to take standard content and upscale the image, giving your Blu-rays, in particular, an entirely new lease of life.

The Toshiba 65UF3D53DB TV boasts a Screen Share feature that enables Screen Mirroring via Miracast. This allows users to wirelessly stream the contents of their mobile or tablet onto the larger screen, provided they have a wi-fi network and a Miracast certified smartphone (firmware update may be required).

In addition to its Screen Share feature, the Toshiba 65UF3D53DB delivers exceptional sound, vision, and Smart TV functionality, making it a complete entertainment package. However, it should be noted that this Smart TV includes third-party apps, which are subject to modification or withdrawal at any time.

Toshiba 65UF3D53DB is a strong contender for those looking for a 65″ TV with excellent picture quality and smart features. However, users who prioritize higher panel frequency or a longer warranty may want to consider other options. Toshiba 65UF3D53DB is an excellent TV for those who value top-notch Smarts and sound. Its combination of TRU Picture Engine, Dolby Vision, and Onkyo-tuned audio delivers an immersive and realistic viewing experience.Toshiba 65UF3D53DB specs

Toshiba 65UF3D53DB specs:


    • Screen Size (inch / cm)   65″ / 164cm
    • Panel Type   Direct Back Light (DLED)
    • Resolution     Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
    • Brightness          350


    • Dolby Audio       Yes
    • Audio Output Power (RMS)        2x12W
    • Speaker Type         Down Firing
    • Internal Subwoofer          Yes
    • Sound Modes                 Music, Movie, Speech, Classic, Flat, User
    • DTS                          Yes
    • Onkyo                   Yes
    • Ger (D) + Nicam Stereo           Yes

  • CI+     Yes
  • HDMI™          3 HDMI
  • USB               2 USB
  • Component (YPbPr) in               No
  • Composite Video/Audio in          No
  • Scart           No
  • Ethernet           Yes
  • Digital Audio Output            Optic
  • Antenna Input      Yes
  • VGA (PC in – D-Sub15)       No


    • Wide Color Gamut       No
    • HDR           Yes
    • Picture Modes               Dynamic, Game, Sports, Cinema, Natural, Dolby Vision Bright, Dolby Vision Dark, User
    • Dolby Vision HDR            Yes
    • TRU Flow             Yes
    • TRU Resolution                Yes
    • TRU Micro Dimming               Yes
    • MEMC               Yes
    • UHD Upscaler        Yes


HBBTV ver 2.0.2          Yes
Audio-Video Sharing (AVS)              No
Smart Portal
Web Browser            Yes
Netflix             Yes
YouTube™                Yes
Bluetooth                 Yes
Screen Mirroring            Yes
Prime Video                   Yes
Google Assistant               No
Amazon Alexa              Built in Alexa
Netflix 4K                    Yes
Youtube 4K                 Yes

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