Fantastic Anthem AVM-90 A/V Processor – Up to 15.4 channels support

Fantastic Anthem AVM-90 A/V Processor – Up to 15.4 channels support

With premium digital processing and stunning 15.4-channel output, the Anthem AVM 90 delivers the ultimate home theater.


15.4-channel processing for reference home theater sound
With 15.4 output channels, the AVM 90 has the processing power for the most sophisticated home theater systems. Add suitable power amplifiers and you can decode Dolby Atmos and DTS:X signals, up to Dolby Atmos 9.4.6, enough for larger home theaters. For best results, combine it with the Anthem power amplifiers of the MCA series.
Premium digital processing
As Anthem’s flagship AV processor, the AVM 90 achieves its highest level of digital processing. The AKM AK4499EQ DAC decodes up to 32 bits, with a sampling capacity of 768 kHz. Combined with advanced analog components, it means that the AVM 90 produces levels of detail and exception of realism, allowing you to listen to every breath of information, even during an action-packed film.Anthem AVM-90XLR Balanced Output Option
Making the AVM 90 the ideal combination for reference quality home theater systems, it has 19 balanced XLR outputs. It combines with compatible power amplification for high-quality connection and low distortion. Alternatively, unbalanced RCA phono outputs are also fitted.
ARC Genesis – Compatible with Mac and Windows
In addition to premium electronics, Anthem’s distinctive feature is ARC (Anthem Room Correction). The latest ARC Genesis software takes you a big step further, giving you seamless room integration, ensuring you make the most of the potential of the AVM 90. Compatible with Mac and Windows, this third-generation room correction system uses custom Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and a dedicated microphone. Once set up, you will feel an incredible improvement of how more integrated and “together” the sound is. (Professional configuration recommended).Anthem AVM-90DTS:X Pro
Make the most of the AVM 90’s incredible multi-channel capability, DTS:X Pro takes dts:X to the next level. Offering even higher spatial resolution, effect speakers drive sound more accurately for impressive realism.
Certificate for IMAX Enhanced
A partnership between IMAX, DTS and award-winning Hollywood audio mixers offers an impressive new audio format: IMAX Enhanced. Only the highest quality home theater equipment meets the standard, with advanced IMAX content available in HDR streaming and BLU-ray UHD disc.Anthem AVM-90Four subwoofer outputs – control them independently
Further bringing flexible speaker setup, the AVM 90 features independently adjustable quad subwoofer outputs. This means that you can place subwoooers around your room and independently control them. ARC Genesis ensures system optimization, with seamless bass throughout the listening area.
Zone 2 HDMI
For a fully independent AV output, the AVM 90 features an HDMI zone 2 output. This allows you to vary the audio and visual output on another screen, such as a TV in another room. In addition, there are two HDMI outputs at the main source, ideal if you are using a protection and a TV in the same room.  Photo: Anthem

HDMI Card (Upgradable) – Supports Dolby Vision, HDR, HLG and eARC
Featuring an upgradeable 7 in/3 out HDMI interface, the Anthem AVM 90 supports a wide range of high dynamic range video formats. These include Dolby Vision, HDR and HLG. It also supports enhanced audio return channel (eARC), the latest system of audio return channels that transmits uncompressed surround sound signals, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, from compatible TV to amplifier. Removable card allows for future hdmi upgrade.AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Bluetooth: your streaming choice
Connect to your network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and stream from your music app of your choice. Compatible with AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast, the player adapts to most music apps available on Apple and Android smartphone and tablet devices. Bluetooth provides a quick and easy wireless connection to your smartphone, tablet or computer for easy music streaming. A free and future upgrade will also include support for Spotify and Roon, which will make the AVM 90 even more versatile.
Don’t settle for the second best, the Anthem AVM 90 brings you closer to the real home theater than ever before.Anthem AVM-90

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