GFX 50S New mirrorless digital format camera by Fujifilm

The retro designed Fujifilm GFX 50S carries much more than a passing similarity to stablemates in
the XT series.
The wraps are off Fujifilm’s new mirrorless digital medium format camera system and it
looks set to revolutionize the type with its dimension,functions and price.

A lot of options here beginning with JPEGs at three compression levels and two image sizes.
Max image size is 8256×6192 pixels and there’s a total of seven aspect ratios – 4:3, 3:2,
16:9, 1:1, 5:4, 7:6 and 65:24 . RAW files are captured with 14-bit RGB colour (RAF format) and there’s the
option of RAW+JPEG recording. RAW files are automatically captured with 12 MP thumbnail JPEGs.In-camera RAW-toTIFF
Structured on a 256-zone metering system (from the imaging sensor) with multi-pattern, centre-weighted
standard,fully averaged and spot measurements.Program,aperture/shutter-priority auto and manual control
modes. Up to +/-5.0EV compensation and auto bracketing over two, three,five, seven or nine frames
at up to +/-3.0 EV/frame.FUJIFILM GFX S

Huge 8.1 cm LCD panel adopts the three-way tilt adjustments introduced with the X-T2 plus there’s
adjustments for brightness and colour balance.Image can be enlarged by up to 16.7x to support with
focusing. Resolution is 2.36 mega-dots and touchscreen controllability extends to Touch AF tap-to-focus.

Innovative NP-T125 lithium-ion pack is good for 400 exposures according to Fujifilm.The optional
VG-GFX1 vertical grip holds an additional battery pack and
can be used for re-charging.

3 GF Series lenses are available immediately,additional three by the end of 2017. Given
Fujifilm’s track record with the XF lenses, there’ll be more in 2018 with a longer telephoto possibly heading
the list. All the GF lenses are all weather-proofed.Current line-up is a 63mm f2.8 standard prime (equivalent to
50mm), 32-64mm f4.0 zoom (25-51mm) and a 120mm f4.0 macro lens (95mm). On the way is a 23mm f4.0 ultra-wide
(18mm), a 45mm f2.8 wideangle (36mm) and a 110mm f2.0 short telephoto (87mm).

The world’s first focal plane shutter especially designed for a digital medium format mirrorless camera
Speed range is 60 minutes to 1/4000 second with flash sync up to 1/125 second. Rated up to
150,000 cycles.There is also an electronic first curtain shutter to minimize vibrations
or a fully-silent sensor-based shutter which extends the top speed to 1/16,000 second and
eliminates all vibration.FUJIFILM GFX S
Exceptional level of photographic image quality,made by the integration of
a big 43.8 x 32.9mm optimised CMOS sensor and image design technology.