Leema Tucana II Anniversary Amp – pure power and stability

Celebrating TEN years of the Tucana, the Leema Tucana Anniversary edition uses improved components for even much better sound quality. The capacitors are refreshed to high specification Nichicon MUSE series. Internal speaker cable is substituted with Leema’s Reference 2 and the PCBs are double weight copper. All this means a sound that is even more pure than the original.

Strength for even the toughest audio speakerss
With 150 watts per channel, it’s tiny surprise that the Tucana Anniversary has the grunt to drive simply about any set of speakers. What’s more, thanks to the trio of toroidal power supplies, there is always a lot of current, providing very high volume levels before distorting. The sound also has vice-like grip on the bass, offering outstanding timing and control.Leema Tucana Anniversary

Dual Mono design for excellent sound staging
The Dual Mono design suggests that left and right channels each have their own circuit way. This decreases distortion among the channels, meaning you get a more clear and wider soundstage.
Power amplifier transformers upgraded to Noratel ‘xtra quiet’ low-noise/low-temperature-rise specification, with silicon-steel belly band magnetic shielding.
The Anniversary Edition as well features a 3.5mm front-panel input, fixed gain input for A/V connections, balanced XLR inputs as standard, as well as a dedicated high-quality headphone output. The user interface provides balance control and individually adaptable input gains, both of which were initially developed for the Reference Series Pyxis preamplifier.

Well-balanced input for reference sound
Along with the wide range of RCA phono inputs, the Tucana Anniversary amp features nicely balanced XLR inputs. Combined to a appropriate source, these give the supreme connection with the maximum level of resistance to electrical interference.Tucana Anniversary

Wide spectrum of connections
With no fewer than 6 RCA phono inputs, it is unlikely that you’ll run out of source inputs. On top of this, there is also a tape loop, that is perfect for a recording source. Should you want to upgrade to an even more powerful power at a later stage, the pre-amp output enables you use the Tucana II as a pre-amp only. At the front side, there’s a headphone socket and ‘MP3’ input.

System synergy with LIPS link
LIPS (Leema Intelligent Protocol System) connects up a variety of Leema products for system synergy. The protocol lets the personal units ‘talk’ to one another, providing smart operation. Choose the CD source, for instance, and the linked Leema CD player powers up automatically. Photo: Leema Acoustics

Take pleasure in the ideal mixture of power and stability, with the Leema Tucana Anniversary.Leema Tucana Anniversary Stereo Amplifier

Leema Tucana II Anniversary Amp specs:

Type: Solid-state, 2-channel integrated amplifier with
built-in headphone amplifier.
Analogue inputs: Six single-ended line-level inputs
including AV direct (via RCA jacks), one balanced
input (via XLR connectors), one tape input
(via RCA jacks), one MP3 player input
(via 3.5mm jack).
Digital inputs: none.
Analogue outputs: One pre-out (via RCA jacks), one
tape out (via RCA jacks).
Input impedance: not specified.
Output impedance: 0.05 Ohms
Headphone Loads: not specified.
Power Output: 150Wpc @ 8 Ohms, 290 Wpc @ 4 Ohms
Bandwidth: Not specified
Distortion: THD (10 Watts RMS 4 Ohms) </+ 0.006%,
THD (max output before clipping, 4 Ohms, 1kHz)
</+ 0.006%.
Signal to Noise Ratio: -104dB
Dimensions (HxWxD): 110 x 440 x 320mm
Weight: 18kg
Price: £4,995
Manufacturer: Leema Acoustics


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