OPPO HA-2SE Portable Headphone Amplifier&DAC – Review

Apart from the three switches (mode, gain and Boost Bass) and a single button, the only other mobile part in the OPPO HA-2SE is a nice volume knob texture, which also turns on the unit on/off. A signature, turn right of the knob offers a satisfactory click, while a nearby green LED lights up to indicate the active power. The knob strength is smooth and even, not feeling neither loose nor tight with spins. Although evenly spaced numbers mark the barrel, some may be missing a lack of line or arrow to use as a reference point when regulating volume levels. The other switches in the unit also click carefully and clean, displaying zero rattling noise inside the metal deck.

The OPPO HA-2SE headphones comes with everything you need, except for a possibly nice transport box for the unit and its accessories. You get a quick wall charger and a USB cable (3ft length), as well as a USB-to-Lightning cable, a USB-to-Micro cable, and an audio cable of 3.5 mm (all lengths of 3 inches). There are also a couple of silicone bands included, which lets you tie the HA-2SE on the back of your smartphone-they are big enough to accommodate “phablets ” like the Galaxy note or IPhone Plus Series-which is only convenient if you don’t mind parts of the Display P being Covered. But the bands help with the transport, so do not be juggling with two separate devices connected by a short cable and connected to the headphones.oppoHA 2

The handheld OPPO HA-2SE headset has-2se DAC/amp is compatible with PC/MAC computers, smartphones, tablets, media players/MP3s and virtually any audio source capable of transmitting on a 3.5 mm cable. So it’s worth giving the user guide included once through familiarize yourself with the various configurations for input/output. Depending on the device you want to match with OPPO HA-2SE, you can choose one of the included connection cables. And while tablets and smartphones are compatible are plug-and-Play, desktops/laptops may require additional drivers (PC/Windows OS) and/or manual selection of the HA-2SE As the audio output device.

Under the aluminum and leather is a rechargeable battery of 3,000 mAh, listed able to last up to 13 hours for analogue sources (via audio cable 3.5 mm) and seven for Digital (via USB). During our tests-through a variety of audio devices and volume levels-we were able to achieve a total game that was satisfactorily close to these values, even when we factored some human error. And in a pinch, the OPPO HA-2SE can bend like a battery to power the mobile devices (another reason to give the user guidance a look). It is not necessary to turn on the unit; Just press-hold down the battery/charge button for five seconds until the blue LED lights up.ezgif 4 f1a9bb2aaf4d

As the OPPO HA-2SE DAC/amp headphones drives the music with an impressive depth and dynamic range, it does so without exerting influence on frequencies (the best we could say). During the exchange of the various headphones and speakers, we observed how the HA-2SE maintains a neutral approach and leaves the sonic signatures intact. Some of us choose headphones/speakers based on particular sound profiles, so it’s great that this DAC/amp keeps those features intact. The only way the HA-2SE changes as the sounds of the music is when you flip the Bass Boost switch. The resulting effect is palpable, but limited-there is no muddy blur or too inclined balance favoring the minimum.

The effects and benefits of using the DAC/amp 2se headphones have become more noticeable when paired with your Lenovo Tablet or desktop computer. Against devices employing much less capable audio hardware, the music expressed through the HA-2SE sounds surprisingly crisp with better element separation and sharper Imaging. However, it is worth noting that the quality of the headphones/speakers and audio files also matter. We found it more difficult to fully appreciate what the HA-2SE is capable of when using basic headphones (i.e., those that are not particularly geared to audio enthusiasts or music lovers) and/or providing loss/streaming music.

If you love music and are interested in experiencing the maximum benefit of what you own, the digital OPPO HA-2SE portable headset DAC/amp deserves to be on your short list of essential components. Sure, it’s another item to pack in a gear bag, and cable connections avoid the freedoms obtained from wireless audio. But this DAC/amp is very portable, with the hardware powerful enough to make you understand what you really lacked. When you want to be transported to the rich, sonic sound, the HA-2SE is definitely the hot rocket you want to drive.

The OPPO HA-2SE will be for many, but not for everyone. It takes a bit of quality-not necessarily expensive-the Gear and audio files in order to really appreciate what this DAC/amp is capable of. If not, those who own and use a daily level headphone/speaker may end up wondering what all the fuss is all about. If your hearing aids can’t really express the Hi-Res detail, the OPPO HA-2SE you don’t feel like you’re doing much. The other big obstacle to hops is recommended by US $299, which can certainly make the HA-2SE feel more like a luxury item. But if there is ever an audio update to save, this certainly should be.



Dimensions (W x H x D) 2.7 x 5.375 x 0.5 inches, 68 x 137 x 12 mm
Weight 6.2 oz, 175 grams
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 200 kHz
Audio-in Level 1 Vrms
Line-out Level 1 Vrms
Recommended Headphone Impedance 16 Ohm – 300 Ohm
Maximum Headphone Output Power
(Per Channel)
300 mW into 16 Ohm
220 mW into 32 Ohm
30 mW into 300 Ohm
Headphone Amplifier Output Impedance 0.5 Ohm
Output Jacks 3.5 mm stereo headphone
3.5 mm stereo line-out
Input Ports Analog: 3.5 mm stereo audio-in
Digital: USB A for iPod / iPhone / iPad; USB micro-B for smartphones with USB OTG feature and computers.
DAC Chip ESS Sabre32 Reference ES9028-Q2M
Input Format Stereo PCM, Stereo DSD (DoP v1.1 or native)
PCM Sampling Frequencies 44.1 kHz  –  384 kHz, 16 / 24 / 32-bit
DSD Sampling Frequencies 2.8224 MHz (DSD64), 5.6448 MHz (DSD128), 11.2896 MHz (DSD256, native mode only)
Profile USB 2.0, USB Audio 2.0
Included Accessories Power Supply Unit (Rapid Charging Charger)
USB A – USB micro-B data and rapid charging cable
USB A – Lightning data cable (for Apple devices)
USB micro-B to micro-B data cable (for Android and other smartphones)
3.5 mm – 3.5 mm stereo audio cable
Silicone rubber band (2 pieces)
User guide and warranty documents
Built-in Battery type 3000 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery
Battery Operation Time Approx. 13 hours for analog source via Audio-in; approx. 7 hours for digital sources via USB
Charging Time Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes

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